Here Are A Few FAQs We Get A Lot:

Annual tuition for all during the 2022-2023 school year: $6,299. Monthly and weekly payment plans available. Non-refundable registration deposit of $299 to confirm enrollment. Sibling discount of 10% per additional student. We do not offer scholarships or financial aid at this time.

Active is the right place for your child if they…

  • Wish traditional school was more challenging and engaging.
  • Enjoy doing projects around their interests with just a few dozen young people.
  • Build, create, innovate, or make art.
  • See things differently.
  • Care about their future, want to find a calling, and want to change the world.
  • Are kind, hardworking, and committed to doing their best.

We are currently accepting applications for ages 5-13 for the 2022-2023 School Year. Each year, as our original founding students age, we will continue to open enrollment for middle school and eventually high school. For example, the following year our school will be ages 5-14, then the following year age 5-15, etc..

We provide a 21st century learning environment using the latest in educational technology for self-paced mastery of reading, writing, elective courses, and math skills. Students are placed according to ability so that our program can meet the student right where they are. Students move on to the next level only after the content has been mastered, which ensures there are no learning gaps.

Students celebrate the mastery of tools, skills, and character by earning badges, assembling portfolios, and taking part in public exhibitions. Public exhibitions allow students to present work to experts, customers, or the public for a real-world test. Parents use our online platform JourneyTracker and school app to monitor progress in Core Skills like reading, writing, math, and character development. Electronic and hard copy Portfolios capture rough drafts, photos, videos, and other creative work. Once a year, we offer the Iowa standardized test, and you know what? Most of our students score 1-2 grade levels ahead of the national average.

Our students experience varied and unique art and music workshops throughout the year ranging from cake decorating, painting, sculpting, to making and recording their own music.

Although we do not offer formal team sports, many of our students participate in our afterschool sports program, and/or our evening martial arts classes. Our school embraces a deep commitment to physical fitness and overall health awareness. Active students explore a variety of physical activities that have ranged from martial arts, hiking, dance, yoga, to rock climbing. Our students are very active, and we strongly support good sportsmanship and teamwork.

Character learning is woven into all parts of Active Leadership Academy. Our award winning life skills and leadership program has been developing leaders for 25+ years: Discipline, Belief, Communication, Respect, Self Esteem, Honesty.

Active encourages exploration and independent learning, however, we leave the teaching of specific doctrine up to individual families. Children and families of all faiths are welcome at Active Leadership Academy. Learners explore the importance various religions have played throughout history, but we do not promote any one religion.

We believe that students learn best when working with children younger and older than themselves rather than split up into groups based solely on age. In addition to individualized curriculum, all ages of students work together in groups within each studio.

You will need to provide your child with a healthy lunch each day. They will have access to a full kitchen. We are not a peanut free facility, however students are not allowed to share food due to allergies. We have a healthy snack store and we believe that it’s important to help young people develop healthy lifestyle habits.

At Active Leadership Academy, we believe in the power of balance. Using the incredible, self-paced eLearning tools now available, we are able to provide the rigor needed for learning math, vocabulary, spelling and grammar in about 90 minutes each day, while freeing up the rest of the day for engaging, project-based learning. The two are highly complementary.

Help Your Child Build Their Future.

Thank you for your interest in Active Leadership Academy! You are embarking on an exciting journey, learning more about how Acton is revolutionizing education.  Let us know where to send the Info Kit and we’re happy to send it to you right away.

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