“Those are not kind words!”

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Session 7 Week 4 Year 2 Town Meeting! This week’s Town Meeting was a success with Eagles discussing their concerns about freedom levels, studio maintenance, and ideas for the next school year! One of the youngest Eagles spoke up and reminded everyone that they had created a studio contract of promises and reminded everyone to […]

Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Time as a Limiting Factor Until I am measured I am not known, Yet how you miss me When I have flown What am I? On this Journey, we’re all guaranteed one limiting factor: time. There’s no way to get more of it; once it’s gone, it’s gone. With […]

A Special Signing Ceremony!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Signing Ceremony! The Eagles organized a ceremony at the end of the day for the newer Eagles to sign the contract. The Eagles thought the best way to see if they were ready to sign was to have them recite the rules and give examples for each one! All […]

Computer Programming Week!

Session 7 Week 2 Year 2 Week 2: Computer Programming The mini-quest this week is computer programming! The Quest Leader did the launches and created challenges for the Eagles. They revisited Scratch and did specific challenges on Journey Tracker. This quest takes the learners on a journey to better understand things like algorithms, loops, conditionals, […]

Welcome to the Last Session of the Year!

Session 7, Week 1, Year 2   Growing Curiosity Quest – The current quest is especially amazing. Selected older eagles (Quest Leaders) choose a topic, which he/she wants to study further, and makes a mini-quest for himself/herself. During last week’s and this week’s launches, we began forming their quests: Each of them chose a topic, studied […]

“Exhibition Day!”

Session 6, Week 7, Year 2 Exhibition Prep The Eagles had a lot of work to complete before Exhibition this Friday! In the past sessions, the learners noticed that some Eagles were having trouble with getting tasks done on time. We revisited the issue in the circle and the Eagles said that they feel like […]

Growing Curiosity!

Session 6, Week 6, Year 2 “Growing Curiosity” For the last quest of the year, we have elected Quest Leaders to led it for the session! We have had two meetings prior to the last session to prepare. Here’s what our meetings entail:                        Meeting […]

Hard work pays off!

Session 6, Week 5, Year 2 “I finished Lexia!” One of our Eagles finished Lexia this week and is moving onto No Red Ink! She tells Eagles how she persevered and sacrificed many days of free time in order to finish. All the Eagles gathered around her and congratulated her! Newton’s Cradle! There is no […]

Deep Dive!

Session 6, Week 4, Year 2 Deep Dive! This week, for quest the Eagles got to choose a topic from the Story of Energy Quest and dive deep into the research! They were able to work in pairs in order to help each other and make a presentation for the group! We also learned about […]

“I’m making a robot!”

Session 6, Week 2, Year 2 Could the Eagles survive as a Hunter-Gatherer? This week, the learners will travel 200,000 years ago to the first humans and continue traveling to about 30,000 years ago in order to learn about life as a hunter-gatherer and how humans used energy from the sun to fuel their bodies. […]