A League of their Own

Year 3, Session 3, Week 2 Edited by: Kristina Magee & Sophia Centanni-Wells The first order of the week is to give all the Eagles two claps and a woosh for championing the changes made to the studio! There could have been terrible tantrums, plenty of pouting, and a ton of tears yet the Eagles […]

The Great Reset

Year 3, Session 3, Week 1 Edited by: Kristina Magee & Sophia Centanni-Wells First week of session three! Let’s see what the young entrepreneur’s are up to this week. The food bank bins are brimming with goods! The food bins were dropped off last session but really started to get filled up this session. Thank […]

Model Eagles in Architecture

Year 3, Session 2, Week 4 Session 2 has concluded and it’s show time again! This Exhibition Eagles will review various aspects of their Architect’s Quest and their latest Writer’s Workshop. With this “Gallery Walk” experience Eagle parents will have a up close and personal view of their Eagle’s work this session. In both studios […]

Architecture Exhibition Coming Up!

Year 3, Session 2, Week 3 It’s almost that time again! Session 2 is almost over and that means another Exhibition is upon us. All Eagles have been doing an amazing job this Session and are eager to share their work. The first week of this session all the Eagles did research on architecture. That […]

Architect’s Delight

Year 3, Session 2, Week 2 This week for the Architect Quest Eagles have been hard at work finishing their floor plans and elevation sketches! The focus has been on re-framing problems and collaborating with other groups to solve these problems. They were challenged to let go of their bias to action and let their […]

New quest on the Horizon!

Year 3, Session 2, Week 1 Architecture Quest is off to a great start in both studios! In this quest the older Eagles are working with partners to complete their challenges. Challenges will take them through many of the steps to design a building. So far they have start the beginning stages of this process […]

Build the Tribe Exhibition!

Session 1, Week 6 This year the exhibition seemed to sneak up on some of the eagles. Realizing the workload they had before them panic ensued! However cooler heads prevailed, all the eagles came together, and we were all excited to see their hard work pay off! In preparation for this years exhibition one of […]

Everything comes full circle!

Session 1, Week 5, 2022 One of the systems eagles utilize is 360-full circle feedback. Many eagles dread the amount of time it takes to survey one another; others find it hard to be honest without hurting each others feelings. No matter the trepidation in doing so these peer critiques are an important part of […]

Peer to Peer Excellence!

Session 1, Week 4, 2022 One of the most powerful aspects of Active Leadership Academy is peer-to-peer learning. In our learner driven community we equip and inspire eagles to encourage and hold each other accountable by pairing them up and having some lead smaller groups. We turn the responsibility for accountability and tools for success […]

Just go with the flow!

Session 1, Week 3, 2022 Finally the eagles can let out a sigh of relief having settled into their daily routines. The past two weeks were quite trying as eagles old and new got acclimated to their hero’s journey. The studio switch is finally complete and the eagles can spread their wings and fly. This […]