Coding for the future!

Session 6, Week 2, 2023This was a really short week coming back from Mardi Gras Break. CORE skills got off to a slow start but Eagles got into the swing of things remembering their weekly celebration from last week! Last Friday the temperature drop and wind blowing pushed our celebration to this Friday. The requirements […]

Goodbye Marine Science Hello Session 6

Year 3 Session 5 Week 6 – Session 6 Week 1 Edited by: Kristina Magee Last Week concludes Session 5 and all the wonders of the deep. It certainly was not the end of our Eagles doing independent deep dives; and exploring answers to their favorite questions. Several Eagles were in and out of the […]

Prep for Marine Science Exhibition!

Year 3, Session 5, Week 4 & 5 Last week, the Eagles got to learned about ocean zones and also got hands-on experience discovering the anatomy of a fish. Both studios complete scientific sketches of fish and created models to demonstrate light visibility in the deep ocean. Older Eagles create stomachs researching what various marine […]

Deep Dive into the New Year!

Year 3, Session 5, Week 3 This session the Eagles are acting you as Marine scientists and explorers going on a deep dive to learning about the ocean. They are going deeper than any Eagle has ever gone. Go deep enough and the pressure is unbearable, temperatures are well below freezing, and we still don’t […]

Happy Holidays from Active Leadership Academy!!!!

No Session, Dec 2022 Happy happy holidays to all the Eagles; their families and friends! This was a short week in preparation for Christmas and New Years break. That did not stop Eagles from working hard leading up to their last day in the studio. It may have been a short week but C.O.R.E skills […]

Countdown to Christmas!!!!

Session 4, Week 3, 2022 Edited by: Addy Magee, Kristina Magee The Christmas Day countdown has officially begun….only 9 days and counting! Shopping and decorating is underway; hopefully we don’t have any Eagles on the naughty list. Older Eagles have arranged a secret Santa gift exchange for Wednesday December 21. Little Eagles are making special […]

United We Stand : US Citizenship Exhibition coming up!

Session 4, Week 2, 2022 Edited by: Athen Sweet There was a lot of hustle and bustle this week for the Eagles. There was a surprise visit from The Grinch and 2 hero visits in the older Eagle’s studio. The Little Eagles will not be having an Exhibition this Session but this time next week […]

Coming Back From Thanksgiving Break.

Session 4, Week 1, 2022 It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Tis the season for Session 4 and December is finally here! Our Eagles are so excited and full of Christmas cheer. They are also full of sniffles and coughs from the ever changing weather; so let’s be sure to stay bundled up! […]

Making Money Make Sense -LE Exhibition

Session 3, Week 4, 2022 Little Eagles put on a top notch performance for their Exhibition today! They have been learning about spending and saving money all Session long. After practice being consumers and producers they are ready for business. For the Little Eagle Exhibition they will be setting up a store in their studio. […]

Countdown to the Children’s Business Fair

Year 3, Session 3, Week 3 Edited by: Kristina Magee & Sophia Centanni-Wells Congratulations are in order to the winners of our costume contest this monday! Some of our eagles had some very creative costumes, such as the grandma genie. The other costumes that won prizes included a witch, an angel, purge character, and a […]