Innovative Learner-Driven Private School’s 2nd Year in Ascension Parish!

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Every child has a gift that can change the world; Active Leadership Academy: An Acton Academy develops those gifts in 1st-6th grade students. Active Leadership Academy: An Acton Academy is starting it's 2nd year in Gonzales LA. Active is a learner-driven private school where 75% of our curriculum is hands-on and students are in charge of their learning.

Celebrating with a FOAM PARTY!

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Learning from mistakes This week, we revisited the launch of making mistakes and how it affects us. Throughout the year, the Eagles have all made mistakes and we want them to embrace it! Failures are the stepping stones to success. It is from those mistakes which makes us a better person and strive hard to

Becoming decorators for the Exhibition!

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Eagle Led Launches Since the beginning of the school year, we have done launches. The Eagles have seen many world class examples of how it should be executed. A launch is  a short inspiration, challenge or introduction to tools or processes. Community of Editors The Eagles are coming close to finishing their books, so they

“We don’t want school to end!”

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Let's Reflect! In the beginning of this quest, the Eagles have conducted various plant-science experiments. Since then, they have raised butterflies, built a garden, and planted seeds. They had time to think about what interests them when it comes to gardening and plant science as a whole.  The Eagles spend the day reflecting on what

Trusting your child as an Active Leadership Academy Parent

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While riding to school yesterday my 6 year old son told me about an injustice that occurred. At our school they are responsible for chickens and split the eggs evenly every Friday. Apparently one of the Eagle's doesn’t actually eat the eggs and just wastes them. This was really bothering him. For a brief instant

The Lesson of the Butterfly!

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The Butterflies are here! Our studio got caterpillars for the Gardening Quest this year! We have been watching them carefully and learning about the stages of a butterfly. In order to take care of the caterpillars, they needed to do research. So they partnered up and did research on the different stages to present it

We went to a Strawberry Farm!

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Iowa Testing! We started out the week with the Iowa testing! Standardized tests fail to measure what we care the most about: grit, perseverance, warmheartedness, tough-mindedness and the attributes of self-management and self-governance that make our studios hum with energy and learning. While we aren’t fans of standardized tests, it’s still reassuring to see how

Who let the chickens out?

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Our 1st Year, Session 6, Week 6   Who let the chickens out? The Eagles have been waiting patiently for the chickens to arrive. They have been prepping by reading books about chickens, watching videos, and setting up the coop! With this new opportunity of having chickens, the Eagles will learn about: The Chicken Life