“I’m making a robot!”

Session 6, Week 2, Year 2 Could the Eagles survive as a Hunter-Gatherer? This week, the learners will travel 200,000 years ago to the first humans and continue traveling to about 30,000 years ago in order to learn about life as a hunter-gatherer and how humans used energy from the sun to fuel their bodies. […]

The Story of Energy!

Session 6, Week 1, Year 2 Foreign Language This session for arts we are starting foreign language! We’ve launched some new apps for the Eagles to learn different languages. They have the autonomy to pick whichever language they would like. So far, the more favored languages they’ve picked are: Italian, Russian, German, Japanese, and Latin. […]

It’s Coronation Day!

Session 5, Week 6, Year 2 Exhibition Prep! With the planning and preparation for the exhibition at the end of the week – the Eagles can’t wait to showcase to their parents what they learned this session! 360 Reviews and Self-Evaluations! The Eagles gave and received feedback through an anonymous survey! They also evaluated themselves […]

Preparing for Exhibition!

Session 5, Week 5, Year 2 Monday Meetings! One of the focuses at Active Leadership Academy is to develop mastery of Core Skills, so the learners have the fundamentals to go out and change the world. When setting a really tough goal, is it better to focus on the bricks- the thing they’re doing right […]


Session 5, Week 4, Year 2 Meditation Time! Time to time, we will do meditation time with the Eagles. Meditation helps with: Learning Core Emotional Regulation Skills Reducing Stress & Anxiety Having stronger mental resilience Increasing self-awareness and empathy Peer Critiques! This session, the Eagles have focused on exploring their fictional world and developing their […]

We’re learning about bugs!

Session 5, Week 1, 2, &3, Year 2 We’re learning about bugs! In this quest, the Eagles will be entomologists! Entomologists are people who study the world of insects. They’ll work in teams to get through these challenges. This first week, the learners will gather in their quest teams to go through the first step […]

Exhibition Week!

Session 4, Week 4, Year 2 Exhibition Prep! For this quest, the Exhibition will include game play presentations for the parents and readings of the Eagles’ letter to a hero/letter to Santa. Character Badge! The Eagles had a challenge this week of either making a new friend or helping a friend. At Active, we like […]

Dear Santa!

Session 4, Week 3, Year 2 Let’s Reflect! The Eagles spend the week reflecting on what they learned during this quest from character traits they developed to new and interesting facts that ignited curiosity. Self-reflection is what’s called an “executive function skill,” which means a mental skill that helps them manage yourself and allows them […]

Board Game Time!

Session 4, Week 2, Year 2 What is a game?  The Eagles will need to ask themselves a lot of questions and make important decisions as they create their game, including:  How challenging should my game be? Should my game be more based on luck or on skill? How much of each should I incorporate?  […]

We’re making a game!

Session 4, Week 1, Year 2 Let the sun shine on! The arts in Active Leadership Academy are celebrated as a core skill in the elementary studio and incorporated as important parts of quests, genre and civilization challenges in all studios. One particularly popular activity is Process Drama, where a Guide or older Heroes relate […]