That’s a wrap for year 3 at Active Leadership Academy!

Year 3 Session 7, Week 7 Both ES/MS and Little Eagle studios had end of the year exhibitions this week that received great feedback! Eagles experienced first hand that “hard work pays off” as everything they prepared came to fruition. ALA celebrated a successful year by going on a field trip to Airborne X on the […]

Exhibition Prep and Finishing the Year Strong!

Year 3 Session 7, Week 6 This week we focused on positive habits such as having a good attitude, healthy eating, and taking pride in cleaning up after ourselves. The eagles made it clear in our discussions that they valued a clean and productive workspace. During town hall, ES/MS made a plan for how they […]

Pursuing Passions

In morning circle, ES/MS discussed gratitude and ways you can show you are appreciative. Eagles came up with the idea of a “Gratitude Corner” where they can write down things they are thankful for throughout the day for everyone to see. The leader of the day reads out all of the comments during closing circle. We also focused on having a growth mindset and helping others when we see them in a fixed mindset. It can get tough the closer you get towards the finish line. Encourage your eagle to finish out the school year strong!

Unicorns, kindness, and brownies…oh my!

The smell of brownies and fresh lumber has filled Active Leadership Academy this week! A lot of progress has been made on the new studio and we hope to be back in it next week. Our focus this week was strengthening our community by emphasizing core values. Core Values are the three to five values that define your belief system, and they help provide a framework for tough decisions. Examples of core values can be honesty, kindness, loyalty, positivity, etc. Eagles voted for their peers who exhibited kindness and loyalty. Congrats to Athen, Sophia, and Kristina for being voted “Kindness and Loyalty Champions” and earning an eagle buck!

Art and Landscapes

The school was under construction this week, but the eagles were flexible and made the best of it! We are excited to see our new and improved ES/MS studio when it is finished. Our focus was intentionality – doing something with a specific purpose. Eagles voted for peers who demonstrated hard work during Core Skills as “Intentionality Champions”. Congrats to Kain, Kristina, Alexis, and Addy on being voted “Intentionality Champion” and earning an eagle buck! We also got to interact with some surprise visitors – baby turkeys!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Year 3 Session 7, Week 2 The eagles had a four day week before spring break and they made the most of it. We dove deep into teamwork, SMART goals, and growing our seeds of potential. We hope everyone has a relaxing break, and returns reinvigorated to tackle the end of the school year! LE […]

Creativity is blooming!

Year 3 Session 7, Week 1 Spring is here and creativity is blooming at Active Leadership Academy! Eagles put their imaginations and ingenuity to the test this week. We’ve seen amazing ideas take form through creative writing, research, and inventing. Our focus has been on intentionality to ensure we are using time wisely and producing […]

Exhibition Prep and Growing Kindness

Year 3 Session 6, Week 6 The eagles only had a 4 day school week so exhibition prep was a whirlwind! They worked towards wrapping up their pieces for writer’s workshop and their projects for quest. Overcoming the obstacles of resistance, distraction and victimhood has been a focus this week as they push through on […]

Friendships and Camping Trips!

Year 3 Session 6, Week 3This week came and went like a breeze and we certainly welcomed the warm weather. Both studios enjoyed time outside to complete work and have fun in the sun. Next weekend on the 11th and 12th is the annual Camping Trip; don;t forget to sign up! Below is a code […]