Active Leadership Journey

Do you believe your child is uniquely gifted and deserves to find a calling and change the world?

Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Time as a Limiting Factor Until I am measured I am not known, Yet how you miss me When

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“Exhibition Day!”

Session 6, Week 7, Year 2 Exhibition Prep The Eagles had a lot of work to complete before Exhibition this Friday! In the past sessions,

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Growing Curiosity!

Session 6, Week 6, Year 2 “Growing Curiosity” For the last quest of the year, we have elected Quest Leaders to led it for the

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Hard work pays off!

Session 6, Week 5, Year 2 “I finished Lexia!” One of our Eagles finished Lexia this week and is moving onto No Red Ink! She

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Deep Dive!

Session 6, Week 4, Year 2 Deep Dive! This week, for quest the Eagles got to choose a topic from the Story of Energy Quest

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