Happy Holidays from Active Leadership Academy!!!!

No Session, Dec 2022

Happy happy holidays to all the Eagles; their families and friends! This was a short week in preparation for Christmas and New Years break. That did not stop Eagles from working hard leading up to their last day in the studio. It may have been a short week but C.O.R.E skills weren’t going anywhere. The week started with a recap of Exhibition and ended with a gift exchange and Christmas pajama party!

LE Studio Update

Boy oh boy did the little Eagles have a Christmas celebration! They had their own gift exchange and even brought goodies for the older Eagles studio. After lunch it was time for the pre-Christmas fun as Eagles could not wait to open their gifts!

ES/MS Studio Update

After morning launch the older Eagles took over the studio.They knew there was work to be done and they could not wait to get it over with so they could enjoy their secret santa gift exchange. There was a studio challenge for CIV and all the Eagles were shocked to find out how many Christmas movies they haven’t seen. Ask your Eagle about how they placed amongst the studio. Once the gift exchange was underway a jolly good time was had between both studios. Many Eagles were overjoyed to find out their secret santa got exactly what they asked for. Maybe it helps when you shout what you want for 2 days straight-lol.

Exhibition 4 Experiencing History: U.S. Citizenship

First stop were the greetings from Pamphlet makers and the host took it from there corralling all the Eagles in one space. The first order of business was deciding which field trip pitch would win over the parents. It was so close there was a rock-paper-scissors battle to decide the winner! Then Mr. Molley shocked everyone with a surprise announcement that Eagles would be going on both trips. Afterwards parents underwent a test to see if they could pass as naturalized citizens. Did you make the cut? Last but not least the Eagle panel discussed what they could recall about immigration and concluded the Exhibition. Per usual special Thank You to all parents family and friends in attendance!

This week’s Badge Celebrations

Hard work and staying focused pays off

ES Eagles:

Civ- Early Modern Times Part 1 Year 3

Writer’s Workshop

Experiencing History: U.S. Citizenship

MS Eagles:

Writer’s Workshop

Experiencing History: U.S. Citizenship

Civ: Ancient Athens and Socrates

Deep Badge Book 3

**Ask your Eagle if they earned a badge this week!!

Studio Spotlight

Oh the excitement!
Snowman Game in LE studio
Christmas Movies
Christmas Karaoke