United We Stand : US Citizenship Exhibition coming up!

Session 4, Week 2, 2022

Edited by: Athen Sweet

There was a lot of hustle and bustle this week for the Eagles. There was a surprise visit from The Grinch and 2 hero visits in the older Eagle’s studio. The Little Eagles will not be having an Exhibition this Session but this time next week we will host our Session 4 Exhibition! The Holidays are approaching fast!

We found out that a few of the Eagles are scared of the Grinch! Little Eagles and older Eagles ran out of the studio trying to steer clear of the green monster. Using his stunning good looks and grinch charm Eagles were corralled together for the perfect photo opp. In other news Ninja Noel has been running around the studio wreaking havoc. He was caught erasing the board in the studio and playing video games during CORE skills.

LE Studio Update

This week the Little Eagles have been learning a ton about the geography of the Earth. They started by creating a world map and exploring all the lands in the world. After exploring they started making models of continents. The fun didn’t stop there! Learning about volcanoes was cool but making their own volcano was a blast!

ES/MS Studio Update

This week the older Eagles were immigrants seeking to become naturalized citizens of the United States. They started the week choosing a country of origin and completing challenges immigrants would face throughout this process. The next step was taking the real naturalization Civics Practice Test online. When they felt they were ready they came to the mock Immigration and Naturalization Office where they would apply and test to become naturalized citizens.

With Eagles anxious about the holidays and initially bored with quest; civility seemed to be at bit low. Usually these are the times that miscommunications are at an alltime high. However today in Town Hall Eagles laid everything on the line! Using their tools and resources the Eagles found solutions to all their lingering issues; and all was united within the studio. Peace at last! What amazing visits from our guest heroes this week. Our first visit was from Mr. Spicar who is an immigrant from the Czech Republic that spent 11 long years becoming a citizen of the US. The second hero we met today was an immigration attorney from Brazil who came to the US for a law degree earning citizenship through marriage. What are some lessons your Eagle took away hearing about the guest speaker’s journeys to the US?

Martial Arts Instructor Mr. Spicar
Immigration Attorney Mrs. Nathalia

This week’s Badge Celebrations

ES Eagles:

Civ- Early Modern Times Part 1 Year 3

Quest- Build the Tribe, Architecture, E-Ship

Writers Workshop- Poetry

MS Eagles:

Independent Learners badge

**Ask your Eagle if they earned a badge this week!!

Studio Spotlight

Our Little Eagle brought Christmas cake balls to share with both studios! Thank you for the yummy surprise
It’s never too late to plant kindness in someone’s day!
Older Eagles made it through skills tests this week
Our guest hero left us with a sweet surprise!