Build the Tribe Exhibition!

Session 1, Week 6

This year the exhibition seemed to sneak up on some of the eagles. Realizing the workload they had before them panic ensued! However cooler heads prevailed, all the eagles came together, and we were all excited to see their hard work pay off! In preparation for this years exhibition one of the first things eagles addressed was the feedback from years past. How would they hold the parent’s attention and keep BIG energy this year? 360 reviews and deciding on setup seemed to cause the most panic. With the big day coming up Eagles main concern was being finished on time. They revisit their to-do list, ran through a mini-exhibition, and decided it was showtime!

The little eagles had their work cut out for them getting their studio in tip top shape for exhibition.
Little Eagles love getting assistance from older eagles in the studio.

Writer’s Workshop Spotlight

First session of Writer’s Workshop ended on a high note with many eagles feeling like real poets! They have been deep diving in their grammar workbooks, and having their poems edited by their fellow eagles. Once they knock this exhibition out the park many will be one step closer to receiving their Poetry badge.


Cool Surprise

What a welcome surprise a former Eagle visit the studio today! Jabulani came at the perfect time bearing a warm smile and an awesome treat! During Writer’s Workshop he was our guest editor assisting with word choice. It was an awesome affair seeing him meet newer Eagles and catch up with former studio mates.

Books to Badges

One thing for certain is that none of the eagles lack a thirst for reading! Several little eagles have made massive strides toward earning their reading badge. Many eagles choose to read during ‘Scholars Choice’ where they have the ability to work on other CORE skills. It’s amazing and quite inspiring to see Eagles flying through books!


Free-time and Sunshine!

Since the eagles have not come up with a proposal to regain use of the mat for free-time, they’ve opted for some outdoor fun instead. Our chickens don’t mind as they love to get out for some fun in the sun too! Check out Skillet and Drumstick striking a pose with the Eagles.

Exhibition Day!!!

Smooth sailing, Eagles landed high marks in this year’s first Exhibition. First they explained their systems of accountability and the ways they operate in the studio. Next they gave parents a first-hand glimpse of their studio contract. Then Eagles gave their parents a personal tour of their journey tracker and CORE skills. Meanwhile little Eagles gave their parents tours and signed contracts for their own studio. After poems and questions for the eagle panel, what everyone was waiting for; the Lip Dub! Thank you to all of our parents, family members, and visitors for coming to our first exhibition. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to seeing you at the next Exhibition!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more pictures and video from our first Exhibition!

– Active Eagles