Everything comes full circle!

Session 1, Week 5, 2022

One of the systems eagles utilize is 360-full circle feedback. Many eagles dread the amount of time it takes to survey one another; others find it hard to be honest without hurting each others feelings. No matter the trepidation in doing so these peer critiques are an important part of the process here at Active Leadership Academy. The purpose of the 360 feedback is to get feedback from every direction and every perspective. It helps when eagles are able to see sides of themselves that they do not normally see.

Both giving and receiving feedback are important in the hero’s journey. One helps you improve yourself, and the other helps you learn to be a good leader for others. The hope is that this feedback is transformative for fellow travelers.

This week little eagles have been hard at work fine tuning their critical thinking skills. During their sensory play they categorized figures according to size, color, and shape.

Let the countdown begin; the first 6 weeks of school are almost over and the first Exhibition is upon us. Exhibitions are a key way to share with parents what the eagles process of learning looks like; and to give them a learning experience of their own. All the eagles design and execute these exhibitions with little to no guide intervention- and they really love that part! See you all Friday September 16 at 5:30 pm!

Three of our eagles set off to enjoy the fruits of their labor with the first “Lunch Limo” of the year. The first stop was Great American Cookie Co. and then off to Chipotle before heading back to the studio!

With so much preparation going on sometimes our eagles need a break! But where exactly do eagles go when they need a break or they are not having the best day?

The calming corner is a designated safe space for an Eagle to go to when they feel their emotions are running to high and they need to regain their emotional and physical control.

The peace table allows an Eagle to have a short period of silent and peaceful alone time.

Our older eagles have been in the little eagles studio quite a bit this week in preparation for Exhibition. All eagles however do not yet have that freedom. Freedom levels are one of our systems to promote self management and self governance. Eagles use these levels to progressively move towards excellence each day.