Peer to Peer Excellence!

Session 1, Week 4, 2022

One of the most powerful aspects of Active Leadership Academy is peer-to-peer learning. In our learner driven community we equip and inspire eagles to encourage and hold each other accountable by pairing them up and having some lead smaller groups. We turn the responsibility for accountability and tools for success over to the eagles as soon as possible!

Studio Contracts Complete!

After much deliberation the final eagle contracts are finished! Eagles work together to craft the promises and consequences in their Studio Contract. The studio contract will act as guardrails, deciding the impact eagles actions have on others. It also helps to develop habits that will make them happier, more satisfied, and more fulfilled.

Choosing Squad leaders

What are the characteristics of a great squad leader? At active our eagles strive to be servant leaders. Some of the responsibilities of a servant leader include:

  • initiating mid-week check-ins on goals
  • holding others accountable for good collaboration and being intentional
  • offering warm praise and encouragement
  • reviewing work to ensure it is of high quality

Digging for seeds of Potential

All of our eagles are different on the outside. On the inside, however, they all have something that makes them extra special in their own unique way. Deep down something was planted in us that we like to refer to as the seeds of potential. Left on their own, these seeds will not take root and bear fruit. Given the proper foundation in soil, sunlight, water, and care these seeds may flourish. We have to nourish our seeds of potential so they may develop into something more!! What are your seeds of potential, your special gifts and talents? What can you do to nurture them?

Little eagles expanding their sense of smell and touch during sensory play.

Little eagles are using the peace rose for a conflict resolution. The peace rose enables disputing eagles to calmly express their feelings to each other and reach an amicable agreement on their own.

Writer’s Workshop Spotlight

This week in Writer’s Workshop the focus was on finding the right word choice to communicate thoughts and feelings with great detail. Eagles went back to previous drafts of work and edit them adding words for clarity or even eliminating words to be more concise.

Town Hall Turmoil

The eagles are in distress after losing “free-time” on the training floor and outside for unsafe play and improper use of equipment. Due to guides having to step in, the free-time suspension will continue until they draft a proposal on how they will correct these actions and better hold one another accountable.