Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2

Time as a Limiting Factor

Until I am measured I am not known,

Yet how you miss me

When I have flown

What am I?

On this Journey, we’re all guaranteed one limiting factor: time. There’s no way to get more of it; once it’s gone, it’s gone. With that in mind, you can’t do everything, everywhere all the time.  One way of explaining this is the idea of an “opportunity cost.” Simply put, it means if you do one thing, you’re unable to do something else. Said another way, there’s an indirect “cost” to everything. We had the Eagles stop for a moment and think about what they perceive to be their greatest weakness and their greatest strength.

With the limited time:  Would you rather focus on strengthening your greatest weakness or further strengthening your greatest strength? Why?

Many Eagles said that they would rather focus on strengthening their weakness, so that they can overcome it. Many also said that they would rather further strengthen their strength because they are not ready to face their weakness.

Welcome to Active Academy Chemistry!

This session, the Eagles will explore the world of chemistry. They will explore elements and reactions of mixing or combining elements – starting from the perspective of cooking! This session is a chance to learn about food molecules, heating, and cooling influence chemical reactions and cause changes to food texture and flavor.

Most people spend their lives wishing they were a better cook, and believing that cooking is beyond their reach – while becoming a Master Chef is definitely hard work and a long path working to understand how the world works by studying Chemistry and practicing a handful of skills can change the way we eat, shop, or even help the learners find their calling.

Meet our new chicken: Skillet!

After we lost our last chicken, the Eagles have been asking when we will get a new one! They wanted to make sure that our current chicken, Drumstick, was not lonely. While they waited patiently for a new chicken, they gave Drumstick constant attention whenever they could because they knew she was by herself now. Mr. Molley surprised the Eagles by bringing in a new chicken, whose new name is Skillet! They couldn’t of been happier!

Revising for Organization!

This week, the Eagles are going to give and receive very specific feedback. Since organization is the focus trait of the session, that will be their focus as critics. To prep the learners, we asked whick sub-skill of organization do you think is most important for a quality set of instructions? 

  • Author’s introduction “hooks” the reader in an interesting way. 
  • Author’s ideas are presented in a logical sequence. 
  • The transitions show where the idea or story moves forward. 
  • The organization of the whole piece feels natural, not forced. 
  • The conclusion leaves the reader satisfied. 

After our circle discussion, the Eagles were off to revise each others’ instructions!

Pajama Day!

Last Friday, during Town Meeting, one of our Eagles brought an idea to the group about having a Pajama Day! Let’s just say the vote was unanimous.

Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Time as a Limiting Factor Until I am measured I am not known, Yet...

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