A Special Signing Ceremony!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2

Signing Ceremony!

The Eagles organized a ceremony at the end of the day for the newer Eagles to sign the contract. The Eagles thought the best way to see if they were ready to sign was to have them recite the rules and give examples for each one! All of the Eagles helped encourage and motivate the Eagles to start their Hero’s Journey!

Guest Speaker: Writers Workshop

This week, for Writers Workshop one of our Eagle’s parent, who is a writer, came in to help inspire the Eagles this session! We want to give a huge shout out to Mr. Lewis for coming, the Eagles LOVED it!


This week, in Writers’ Workshop the Eagles began the drafting process for their instructions. This time, the learners get to research, write, and put themselves in the shoes of the audience.

While the Eagles are drafting, they ask themselves:

  • “What seems confusing?”
  • “How can I make this point clearer?”
  • “Is there anything in my instructions that would frustrate me as the user?”

Iowa Testing!

This week, our learners took the Iowa Standardized Test spread over two days. In reality, it’s just one additional data point to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks- but we feel we get more data daily from our adaptive technology programs.

While we aren’t fans of standardized tests, it’s still reassuring to see how well a learner driven community can perform, even when there’s no teaching to the test, because there’s far more important learning afoot.

Zoology Week!

The Quest Leader this week chose the mini quest of zoology! Zoology is the study of all animals of all shapes and sizes, from tiny insects to large mammals. Zoologists investigate what animals eat and how they live, and how animals interact with their habitats. The Eagles this week got assigned an animal to research and made a poster to share with the class about what they learned! The Eagles are able to learn other animals through each others posters and practice their public speaking skills!

Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Time as a Limiting Factor Until I am measured I am not known, Yet...

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