“I’m making a robot!”

Session 6, Week 2, Year 2

Could the Eagles survive as a Hunter-Gatherer?

This week, the learners will travel 200,000 years ago to the first humans and continue traveling to about 30,000 years ago in order to learn about life as a hunter-gatherer and how humans used energy from the sun to fuel their bodies.

They will become hunter-gatherers in Africa and must complete a series of challenges set up like a scavenger hunt to see if you could survive! 

Setting goals in Maker space!

Goals are a staple of project planning. They give the Eagles a long term vision, motivation and focus needed to complete whatever they’ve set out to achieve. Currently, we have Eagles working on robots, canons, slingshots, etc… They will be demonstrating their finished project on Exhibition!

WW: Word Choice

This session, the focus trait will be word choice. The learners will work on using thoughtful adjectives, they’ll learn about metaphors and similes, and learn how to use interesting, not predictable words to keep the audience hooked. The sub-skills of word choice are: 


  • The author uses adjectives that are thoughtful and fit the descriptions.
  • The author chose verbs that both show and tell the reader information.
  • The author’s specific use of nouns makes details more memorable. 
  • Figurative language (such as similes and metaphors) feels natural. 
  • The author takes risks with words and doesn’t just use predictable ones

Foreign Language

The Eagles are loving learning their languages! They have moved onto phrases and starting to have conversations with their language partners!


Hard work pays off!

The Eagles sets goals every day for their core skills. We have meetings in the circle about what they didn’t accomplish and attempt to identify why (the group helps brainstorm solutions to any roadblocks). One of our Eagles finally passed his roadblock and completed level 2 math! The Eagles celebrated and were inspired to never give up! Congrats Jace!

Palindrome Birthday! 2/22/22

We celebrated one of our Eagles birthday with some king cake to start off the Mardi Gras spirit! Happy Birthday Jabu!


Pajama Day!

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