The Story of Energy!

Session 6, Week 1, Year 2

Foreign Language

This session for arts we are starting foreign language! We’ve launched some new apps for the Eagles to learn different languages. They have the autonomy to pick whichever language they would like. So far, the more favored languages they’ve picked are: Italian, Russian, German, Japanese, and Latin. The Eagles loved working together and sharing new words they learned!

Starting Maker Space!

Makerspaces are areas where Eagles come to explore, build, create, and tinker. This is a room that contains tools and components, allowing people to enter with an idea and leave with a complete project. The best part is that Makerspaces are communal. The goal is to work together to learn, collaborate, and share. Most importantly, Makerspaces allow us to explore, create new things, or improve things that already exist.

The Story of Energy

On this quest, the Eagles will travel in time to understand the story of energy and the rise of civilization. At each point in time, they’ll be presented with challenges that will deepen their knowledge. The Eagles will work in teams and help each other along the way and they will equip themselves to change the world. The Eagles are learning about The Big Bang Theory through balloons. When the balloon is inflated, its surface area increases and so the dots on the surface (representing galaxies) move further apart. This observation supports the big bang theory that the universe is expanding and the galaxies are therefore moving further apart.


Exploring our albedo!


Albedo is the amount of light that a surface reflects. In this experiment, the Eagles are going to examine how a white sheet of paper, reflects more light than a black sheet construction paper. They laid ice cubes on top of each paper and wrote down what they examined.

WW: Creative Writing

This Writers’ Workshop puts the learners in the shoes of an author writing for an illustrator who has already drawn the illustrations. As it turns out, a community of illustrators has created a database of beautiful artwork that needs a story! Their challenge this session is to give life to this art and to write a story using the art that has already been created. 

Collaborative Core Skills

This session we introduced collaborative core skills, where Eagles can work with other Eagles on skills they need more work on! The Eagles came up with their own rules on how to ask someone for help without distracting each other.

S’mores Badge Party!

The Eagles were presented with a challenge this week! If they complete one Learning to Be Badge and get it approved by another Eagle, they will be able to have a s’mores party where they will cook their s’mores!



Pajama Day!

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