It’s Coronation Day!

Session 5, Week 6, Year 2

Exhibition Prep!

With the planning and preparation for the exhibition at the end of the week – the Eagles can’t wait to showcase to their parents what they learned this session!

360 Reviews and Self-Evaluations!

The Eagles gave and received feedback through an anonymous survey! They also evaluated themselves to see if they improved or not throughout the year. The little eagles sat down with their accountability partners to help self-evaluate themselves!

Peer feedback measures contribution to the Studio. Feedback measures how well an Eagle is keeping his or her promises to studio mates.

Warm-hearted / tough-minded
 attributes guide feedback. Using these traits, feedback measures how encouraging an Eagle is to others and how well they hold themselves and others accountable.

Giving feedback is as important as receiving it.


Giving feedbackReceiving feedback
Know othersKnow yourself
Practice giving growth-mindset feedback to become a transformative coach, manager, or leader.Work with integrity by understanding how others view your contributions, strengths, and weaknesses.

WW: Grammar Workbook Badge

Since the Eagles are finished with their stories, they are working hard on their grammar workbook badges!

Exhibition Day!

On Friday, the Eagles presented what they learned during their Entomology Quest. They presented their posters, 3D insect models, and displayed their ant farms and butterfly garden. For Writers’ Workshop, they presented their stories!


The learners have been working on their Frozen play for a couple months now and they are ready for the public to see!

Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Time as a Limiting Factor Until I am measured I am not known, Yet...

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