Preparing for Exhibition!

Session 5, Week 5, Year 2

Monday Meetings!

One of the focuses at Active Leadership Academy is to develop mastery of Core Skills, so the learners have the fundamentals to go out and change the world.

When setting a really tough goal, is it better to focus on the bricks- the thing they’re doing right now or is it better to focus on the final end product? What are the benefits and drawbacks of each? 

The Eagles have been practicing excellence and they will strive to be outstanding in one focused area. This is an opportunity for them to gain experience choosing a specific skill to focus on, assessing their current capabilities in this area, setting long-term goals, developing a plan to reach their goal, monitoring their progress along the way, and evaluating their accomplishments or failures along the way.

What does my story need work on?

During the editing step, they will participate in the Community of Editors and take on the role of editor. Then they can work on completing their grammar workbook lessons independently to help them become a better editor. The tracking sheet contains the requirements for the badge, and at the end of the session, they will use it to get their work signed off by an Older Eagle mentor. 

I love bugs!

This week we had Mrs. Delaney come in as a special guest. She is very passionate about bugs and showed the Eagles example of bugs and their habitat. The Eagles were so excited!

Exhibition Preparation!

The Exhibition is a gathering of the community at the end of each session, to see demonstrations of work and learning by the Eagles. The Eagle set up tables to display their work, which includes: 

  • SOLE posters
  • Ant and butterfly habitats
  • Super Insect plan and final model

After, the Eagles will be presenting their final product of the Frozen Play!

Eagles will be sending out emails next week regarding the day and time.

Quiet on Set!!

This week the Eagles buckled down and had the Eagle director make notes on what needs more work on before their performance next week!

An Apology Letter

One of the many jobs of a guide is to be a game-maker. We try our best to setup fun activities, quests, and games for the Eagles to explore different subjects.

Imagine you are a guide and you work for hours researching, planning, and finalizing the game you hope will inspire the learners about a topic… and it flops…hard…

The learners are bored. They are making negative comments. They are trashing what you put your heart and soul into…

What happens next?

Well, at our studio  – the unexpected happened.

The guide simply walked out the room for a breath of fresh air and time to recover emotionally.

If the Eagles can step away when they feel stressed or frustrated – so can the guides.

Upon returning to the classroom after a cool down period, the Eagles had started studio maintenance.

This folded up paper was on the guide desk.

This apology letter was unsolicited – the Eagles made this decision as a group.

Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Time as a Limiting Factor Until I am measured I am not known, Yet...

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