Session 5, Week 4, Year 2

Meditation Time!

Time to time, we will do meditation time with the Eagles.

Meditation helps with:

  • Learning Core Emotional Regulation Skills
  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety
  • Having stronger mental resilience
  • Increasing self-awareness and empathy

Peer Critiques!

This session, the Eagles have focused on exploring their fictional world and developing their ideas further. This week they will give a studiomate a critique on how well he or she did that. The learners will also be receiving a critique. Once they get your feedback, they will move onto typing a revised draft using the suggestions from their peer.

This time, the peer critiques will be in the form of warm-cool-warm feedback, kind of like a sandwich, with “warm” comments that describe how they think their peer’s work is successfully meeting goals, and “cool” comments that describe what they think are possible problems and areas for improvement in the work.

Should we eat bugs?

This week we took a moment and ponder about insects in a different light. We had a discussion about why we eat mammals and fish instead of bugs. The Eagles were disgusted with the thought of eating bugs. After watching a video about how other countries see insects as a delicacy, they decided to try some dark chocolate crickets… let’s just say: not a fan favorite.

Insect Jeopardy!

For quest this week, we had the Eagles split into two teams to test their knowledge on what they have learned! This helped the Eagles practice their teamwork skills and sportsmanship.

Finding Flow

Flow, also known as getting in the zone, is when a person performing an activity is feeling fully focused, involved, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Socratic discussions this week focused on:

When have you felt the most in flow?

What will you do to get into flow today?

Pajama Day!

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