Board Game Time!

Session 4, Week 2, Year 2

What is a game?

 The Eagles will need to ask themselves a lot of questions and make important decisions as they create their game, including: 

  • How challenging should my game be?
  • Should my game be more based on luck or on skill? How much of each should I incorporate? 
  • Will my game be more communal or independent?
  • How will I know if I’ve just created a toy or a puzzle and not a game?

They will work in teams to improve their communication and cooperative skills. At the end of quest, the Eagles decide the amount of points each person should receive based on their effort.

Letter Writing-Practice!

The Eagle’s questions this week were:

  1. What are the structural elements of a formal letter?
  2. What five best practices of letter writing would you recommend to someone who has never written a letter? (Keep in mind that these best practices should be taken from experts in the field.)

Their challenge is to write formal letters using the guidelines they found in their research.

The Power of Process Drama!

Process Drama fuses imagination, improvisation and community. Character traits come to life and become habits through imagination, action and adventure.

Who do I ask when I need help?

The best leader for an Eagle is another Eagle. The best leaders are usually fellow travelers, ideally in the same Studio and elected by peers. They are closest to the problem and care the most.

Accountability partners are an Eagle’s first line of defense. Accountability partners fill the basic peer-to-peer roles in the Studio, including:

  • Weekly goal setting meetings, encouragement, accountability
  • Hold standards high, audit, Badge approval
  • Enforce the Contract
  • Troubleshooting support when a peer is stuck


Civilization discussions place the learners in the shoes of a historical figure facing a difficult dilemma; equipping them with the tools, hard questions and lessons that come from studying the lives of heroes, history, geography, economics and philosophy; while exposing them to the collective memory of the human race.

Eagles will:

  • Learn to Do – by practicing making difficult decisions using a moral framework, to encourage critical thinking and avoid relativism; and
  • Learn to Be – by considering how ethical trade offs will impact their own hero’s journeys.

Pajama Day!

Session 7 Week 3 Year 2 Time as a Limiting Factor Until I am measured I am not known, Yet...

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