Double Down Reading Week!

This week, we started with some Core Skills encouragement for the Eagles. They get double points for finishing Lexia units or No Red Ink topics! They were thrilled especially when they found out that the Eagle with the most units/topics completed will receive a special surprise on Thursday! This has helped the studio with their reading goals because lately they have not been motivated. One of our Eagles actually got so motivated, he finished Lexia and is on to No Red Ink!

Exhibition Prep

The Eagles had a lot of work to complete before Exhibition! A long list of self evaluations, 360 reviews, quest packets, and their writers’ workshop pitches. The Eagles are learning how to manage their time in order to complete all before Thursday!

Excellence Committee

Each session we elect two older Eagles to be on the excellence committee. Where they will look over the Eagles work to make sure it is their best and if it’s not then they will hand it back to the Eagles with specific feedback to help them.

Exhibition Day!

On Thursday, parents attended an Eagle led exhibition that displayed what they learned and their best work this session!

Eagles led the exhibition, gave pitch presentations from Writers’ Workshop, and showed their Colonial Dance from Quest!

Field Trip to the Sugar Farm

We celebrated the end of this session with a field trip to the sugar farm! The Eagles had so much fun feeding the animal and enjoyed their lunch there!