We made butter!

This week for quest, the Eagles got to go back in time and make butter! They had a lot of fun working in groups and taking turns shaking the jar to make butter that they shared on toast!

Needlework and embroidery were a common pastime for women in Colonial America. Colonial embroideries ranged from the practical or educational to elaborate, but skill with a needle was necessary for every woman. Embroidery offered an opportunity for self-expression and illustrated the skills required to keep a family dressed and warm. Colonial embroidery remains a testament to the frugality, strength and industriousness of women in the Colonies in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. We wanted to show the Eagles how to weave, although there were lots of tears and frustrations, the Eagles were able to overcome it and finish their projects!

The Eagles have collectively decided to revolt- they drafted a declaration and got everyone (patriots and loyalists) to sign. Stay tuned next week to see what happens! 

Seeds of Potential

“It’s just one tiny seed, But its all we really need.”

Just one of theses seed can flourish into a skyscraping sequoia, into a fruit-bearing apple-tree, or even a fragrant rose. 

Each seed has the potential to grow into something that adds beauty to the world. 

But left alone, these seeds will not take root and bear fruit. 

Given the proper foundation in soil, solar energy and water, these seeds may flourish with careful and attentive maintenance. 

We too have seeds, seeds that have the potential to flourish into something that will add beauty to the world, that will change the world.

We have to nourish our seeds of potential – our innate gifts and talents – so that they may develop into something more.

We challenged the Eagles to make choices that nourish their seeds of potential, choices that will help their seeds grow into something that will change the world.

Writers’ Workshop: Persuasion

When pitching their pet, they will need to decide how to incorporate logos, pathos, and ethos into their pitch. The questions they’ll ask themselves today as they write are: How will I create an emotional bond with my audience (meaning the people I’m talking to about my idea)? How will I get the audience to trust me? How will I make my idea relevant to my audience?


Personal Passion Project

When the Eagles are at freedom level 3, they are able to work on personal passion projects! Passion projects are projects that inspire the Eagles; projects that push them to explore your inner creativity and personality. A guide must approve their subject before moving forward. They have time during project time to research and make a presentation for the class. We encourage the Eagle to share their knowledge to other Eagles to help inspire them!

Art Academy!

On Friday we had Mrs. Bekah from the Art Academy help the Eagles paint their pet! They had a blast and it was a great way to end their Friday.