Hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen!

Starting this session, we will be playing a game called Colonial Acton. In this game, we will imagine that Active Leadership Academy is one of King George’s colonies. Just like how the colonists living in America received Royal Proclamations from King George, the Eagles will receive proclamations from King George through one of his Royal Governors. The American colonists were bound by law to obey all of King George’s proclamations, and they are also bound by law to obey his proclamations. If they do not obey his proclamations, they will be taxed 20 points.


Every time they hear this bell ring, they must leave what they are doing right away – don’t worry about putting work away, they can leave it where it is – and assemble in our discussion area to hear the proclamation from the Royal Governor. We don’t know when we will receive proclamations and how many there will be. 


In this game they will either be a Patriot or a Loyalist:


  • Patriots were more negatively affected by the proclamations and were in favor of revolting against King George. 
  • Loyalists enjoyed more privileges than patriots and did not want to revolt- they wanted to stay loyal to King George. 


These roles have been assigned randomly. ⅓ of the group are Loyalists and ⅔ of the group are Patriots. 

Royal Governor Introduces Taxes 

Taxes: All taxes are 10 points 

Lunch Time Tax: You will be taxed every time you eat lunch

Pencil Tax: You will be taxed every time you sharpen a pencil

Proclamation Penalty: Not following the proclamations also results in a 20 point tax.

Royal Governor Introduces the Proclamations 

Royal Proclamation #1

Upon hearing the bell ring, all patriots must assemble within two minutes. Loyalists must also assemble but may do so within three minutes.

Royal Proclamation #2

Every time subjects assemble, they must stand in order of height. Loyalists may stand at the front of the line in any order.

Royal Proclamation #3

Upon assembling all subjects chant, “Hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen.”

Royal Proclamation #4

All work must be done at each subject’s assigned desk. Loyalists may work on bean bags.

Royal Proclamation #5

You must use bathroom passes.

Royal Proclamation #6

If you wish to change from one work activity to another you must raise your hand and wait for a Guide.

Royal Proclamation #7

Work must be done in silence. Loyalists may whisper.

The Eagles are presented options:

  1. Write a letter to King George and tell him how you feel. 
  2. Revolt. Draft a declaration and get everyone (patriots and loyalists) to sign. If everyone does not sign it does not count as a revolution. If a revolution is started Eagles will be risking the possibility of losing and suffering penalties for an uncertain number of days.

Revolution: If a revolution is started, one Eagle will be chosen to roll the Revolution Die to determine the outcome. 

1st RollOutcome2nd RollOutcome3rd Roll
1 or 2Win the Revolution!1 or 2Loyalists not charged with treason
3, 4, 5, 6Loyalists charged with treasonNumber on die is the number of days Loyalists must endure penalties
3, 4, 5, 6Lose the RevolutionNumber on die is the number of days everyone must endure penalties 


We shall see what happens next week…


Welcome to the Pitch-a-Pet Quest! Some of the Eagles may think it’s about time we have a studio pet to add life to our space! This is their chance to research the pet that they would like us to have, write a persuasive pitch using their research, and then present their pitch to the studio for a vote. 

Some Eagles may think having a studio pet is a terrible idea! Guess what? If this is how they feel, they get to pitch a ridiculous pet for the studio, perhaps a pet elephant or a flamingo! They’ll do the research, write the pitch, and present it like everyone else. 

Silent Core Skills!

The Eagles are in charge of their own goals and how they want to achieve them! Learners have the choice to work on core skills on their computers with programs like: Lexia, Spelling Classroom, Dreambox, etc. They also have the choice to work on hands-on materials like: Montessori tools, workbooks, flash cards, books, etc.

PE Goals

The Eagles are setting SMART goals for P.E. Every morning the Eagles get to share their goals and they get feedback from each other about whether or not their goals fit the SMART model.






Happy Halloween!

On Friday, we celebrated with a Halloween party! The Eagles got to dress up and have fun with their friends!