Children’s Business Exhibition!

The Eagles opened their businesses to the public crowd on Thursday night!

They are now reflecting on feedback that was given by hundreds of participants as well as analyzing their profit and loss.

Thank you everyone who came and supported these young Entrepreneurs on their hero’s journey!

Self Evaluation and 360 Reviews!

The Eagles spend the day reflecting on what they learned during this quest from character traits they developed to new and interesting facts that ignited curiosity. Self-reflection is what’s called an “executive function skill,” which means a mental skill that helps them manage yourself and allows them to process their actions.

Badge Opportunities!

Recently, the Eagles have been stepping up their game for their badges.

Socratic Discussion Leader Badge 

-Lead the first of 3 Socratic Discussions

Focus Learner Badge

-Focuses and chooses challenging work during work time

Project Learner Badge

-Help plan an exhibition of learning

It’s Friday!

Friday means scholars choice for the Eagles! They get to choose between math, reading, spelling, or typing!