Trust Walk

At Active Leadership Academy, we rely on each other for information or feedback about whether we are on or off-course. We are all on our own Hero’s Journey, but we share a space, and we make promises TOGETHER in the contract; promises like “I will try my hardest to achieve all of my goals and to set new goals as well,” “even through extremely hard times, I will not give up, because I have courage,” and “I will be honest with myself and others.” These promises are the glue that ties our fates together. 


The Eagles’ challenge was  to play a trust game. Half of them will be blindfolded and half will be seeing. Those who are seeing will be taking their partner through a tour of Active’s campus. It’s a big responsibility, since they have a lot of information that their blindfolded partners don’t have. Their partners will be depending on them to help them walk safely, to let them know if the space in front of them is clear, and if the ground is clear and even to walk on.

Peer Review

The word “revise” comes from the Latin word “revisere” which means “to look at again.” This week they will have the opportunity to “re see” their  piece, to look at it again, and they will have the opportunity to make more choices in your writing. The Eagles will enjoy this opportunity to get gritty and to open their mind and the minds of others around them to the many possibilities in their writing!

Lunch Limo

One of our Eagles has been working hard to finally purchase a ride in the Lunch Limo! She saved up $20 Eagle Bucks through hard work and earned her choice of a ride anywhere for lunch: Raising Cane’s!

Focus Time

Flow, also known as getting in the zone, is when a person performing an activity is feeling fully focused, involved, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

This is why Silent Core Skills in the AM = SOLO work time!  

This is our very special, protected time to set goals, practice focusing and to do work to get into the zone

The Eagles choose which goals they will start with; with absolutely no disruptions by others, giving them the opportunity to build the muscle to get into flow faster and faster over time.

Business Prep

This week, the Eagles will prepare their business for the Final Stand-Off and Exhibition. On Exhibition day, each team will set up their booth and prepare their lemonade and their snack mix to sell. The team who sells the most will win the grand prize of Studio Bucks and the opportunity to spend the bucks on something new for the studio! To prepare for the Final Stand-Off, their team will: 

  1. Wrap up any work they didn’t complete the last four weeks.
  2. Calculate what they need for the stand-off.  
  3. Make necessary changes to their recipes and prices using information they gathered during the Real-Time Lemonade Stand-Off.