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Hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen!

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Hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen, hail to the Queen! Starting this session, we will be playing a game called Colonial Acton. In this game, we will imagine that Active Leadership Academy is one of King George’s colonies. Just like how the colonists living in America received Royal Proclamations from King George, the

2nd Annual Children’s Business Exhibition

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Children’s Business Exhibition! The Eagles opened their businesses to the public crowd on Thursday night! They are now reflecting on feedback that was given by hundreds of participants as well as analyzing their profit and loss. Thank you everyone who came and supported these young Entrepreneurs on their hero’s journey! Self Evaluation and 360 Reviews!

Why aren’t you helping us clean??

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Lunch Reset The Eagles have noticed that, during lunch, people were not cleaning and waiting for others to clean to go to free time. They were very frustrated and made an announcement about it. We made up some guardrails together to help better lunch time for them. At Active, lunch is a special, independent part