Our 2nd Year, Session 2, Week 1


Build-a-Business Quest

In quest time, from here forward, the Eagles and their teammates are co-owners of their own company: a lemonade and snack stand. Over the course of the next five weeks, they will complete challenges that will help you to understand the works of  entrepreneurship, business, competition, and finances. The learners will compete with other teams during our Real-Time Lemonade Stand-Offs, and they will earn Studio Bucks that their companies can use to advance them through this quest. 

Memoirs Writers’ Workshop

For this Writers’ Workshop, The Eagles will be writing memoirs! A memoir is defined as a narrative composed from personal experience. They’ll choose four stories from their life to write about, which, when pulled together, help to tell the story.  Their prompts will include: 

  • Write about a time when nothing happened
  • Write about a time when you ate something weird
  • Write about a time in your favorite place
  • Write about a special day you remember

Being Right vs. Being Kind

Since the beginning we have encouraged the heroes to speak with kind words. If a hero is upset/angry/unkind, the Eagles agreed in our discussion that it is best to find a solution as to why they are acting this way. If an Eagle is still approaching the struggling Eagle in more of an accountable mindset, we have older Eagles step in to help them and ask questions like, “are you focused on being kind or being right?” or “how could you share your voice in a kind way?” We shared an inspiration launch to show how to choose love first instead of accountability first. We ask Eagles to share how it feels when they are struggling, if someone asks “are you okay?” vs. telling them that they are doing something wrong. The Eagles are still learning to find the balance of holding people accountable and being kind! 


“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” ~John Holmes


Daily physical education provides opportunities for the Eagles to identify and manage their emotions through movement. Endorphins from movement enhance our moods and prepare us to use our brains in creative ways, – positively impacting learners health and academic success.

Scholar’s Choice

On Friday the Eagles get to pick any subject like reading, math, spelling, or typing and work on it the entire period. They love scholar’s choice!