Exhibition of Learning!

This is where the community will come together to see what they’ve learned. Each session there will be a different exhibition, so that by the end of the year, the parents will have seen many different aspects of their learning. This session’s exhibition is a Tools and Systems Exhibition where they get to be their parents’ guide. The Eagles get to lead them through the work online and in the studio so that they are better equipped to support the Eagles for the rest of the year.  They’re going to need to be like Rowan, though,  by beginning to develop the right attitudes, habits and instincts to get the job done. Here are our steps: 


  1. Accept the mission and get started- Your mission is to plan and execute an Exhibition of Learning.

If offered an assignment where the objective is clear, accept it without asking for further instructions. Then take the first step.


  1. Be curious. 

Most times you won’t have all the answers. Don’t see this as a sign of weakness. Instead, unleash your natural curiosity. Focus on asking the right questions first. Then seek answers. 


  1. Immediately sketch out a plan. 

Quickly draft a provisional plan with goals, milestones and deadlines. If you don’t know enough to craft such a plan, decide how to gather the information you need. But in all cases, begin to move forward immediately.

Drafting and Revising!

So far the Eagles have had the opportunity to draft three poems in Writers’ Workshop: a haiku, a free-verse poem, and an ode. 

Revision is seeing their work again, as if for the first time. At Active, we revise our written work with a peer, or Fellow Traveler, who will be seeing your piece of work for the first time. Fellow Travelers will give you a Peer Critique with ideas on how the Eagles can improve your writing.  After the critique, they will rewrite their work and make changes as needed.  

Our little Eagles explored their cooperative building skills!


Introducing Full Circle Feedback Surveys

The Eagles gave and received feedback through an anonymous survey! They also evaluated themselves to see if they improved or not throughout the year. The little eagles sat down with a guide to help self-evaluate themselves!

Peer feedback measures contribution to the Studio. Feedback measures how well an Eagle is keeping his or her promises to studio mates.

Warm-hearted / tough-minded
 attributes guide feedback. Using these traits, feedback measures how encouraging an Eagle is to others and how well they hold themselves and others accountable.

Giving feedback is as important as receiving it.


Giving feedbackReceiving feedback
Know othersKnow yourself
Practice giving growth-mindset feedback to become a transformative coach, manager, or leader.Work with integrity by understanding how others view your contributions, strengths, and weaknesses.

Becoming Independent learners

The Eagles are becoming more accustom to asking others and trying to find the answers by themselves recently compared to before. We are glad to see it become like second nature to them because they will only grow from this!

Friday Town Meeting!

Town meeting was a success with Eagles discussing their concerns about safety issues, suggestions, and rules.