Introduction to poetry!

Each session, we will have a Writers’ Workshop. In Writers’ Workshop, the Eagles partake in a genre—in this session that genre is poetry—and take their writing through a five-part process: prewriting (brainstorming), drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. If they complete excellent work, fulfill all the requirements, and document everything well, they’ll get to count this Writers’ Workshop toward their Writing Badge.

As we go through the five parts of writing each session, they will also focus on word choice, which is one of the six writing traits. The others include idea development, organization, voice, sentence fluency, and conventions.

To begin their work as poets they have the chance to answer more deeply, for yourself, the question: What is poetry?

The Eagles got work in groups or individually to find the answers and present their final product which should include:

  •  poster, powerpoint, speech, etc. on which they:
    • Answer the question, “What is Poetry?”
    • Describe four (or more) types of poems  
  •  poem you enjoy

This week the Eagles dove into metaphors and haikus!


The little Eagles got to learn about poetry through the older Eagles and helped inspire them to work on their writing workbooks!

Challenge Donut!

The Challenge Donut is a visual metaphor that helps the Eagles describe when a task challenges and stretches them, but not to the point of being counterproductive. 

  • The inner Comfort Zone describes a goal so easy it’s uninspiring, and even boring. Growth does not happen in the Comfort Zone. 
  • The outer Panic Zone a goal so far beyond current abilities that a sense of being overwhelmed prevents growth. 

The middle Challenge Zone is where the maximum learning takes place, and a Hero is likely to experience Flow.

We have team meetings where we discuss if our goals are either too much in our comfort zone or too much in our panic zones, the Eagles help each and give feedback in order to get them back into the challenge zone!


Why is P.E. important?

Physical Education is vital for the development of any young person. The physical, mental and social attributes that can be accessed are not available in this abundance in any other subject.

Participation in physical activity is a life skill that will lead to improvement in social skills, body awareness, teamwork and overall health and well being.

Hard work this week and lots of peer collaboration!

Group socratic discussions, group art, and group planning this week!

Town Meeting!

Every Friday we have town meetings where the Eagles get to share and discuss their ideas, issues, questions, frustrations and offer solutions!