Our 2nd Year, Session 1, Week 2


Lip Dub Filming

This is when the filming process begins. The best practices include:

  • Plan hand-offs of the camera where it’s not obvious, so that everyone is in the Lip Dub.
  • Practice the run-through a couple of times before using a camera.
  • Have someone in each section be in charge of alerting that area of the arrival of the camera so that everyone is in place.
  • Someone (usually a guide) should hold a set of speakers with the music playing behind the person with the camera. It helps if this person also mouths the words to those acting them out.

The Eagles were struggling with the filming because they all had to agree on one thing. They knew the only way to fix this was to vote on a solution in order to finish the lip dub. In the end, the Eagles were able to settle there differences and work together!

Let’s get Active!

This week the Eagles started P.E. where they will learn how to set there own personal fitness goals and learn sportsmanship!

Introduction to SMART Goals






Our battle cry:  “work hard; play hard.”

At Active, we have fun.  Because heroes should have fun in life, like competing to see who can be the craziest chicken or dinosaur, as a way of showing it’s critical to be yourself.

We also work hard, because we want to share our gifts to change the world.

Part of hard work means making and keeping commitments – like the Eagle Buck system, and not making so much noise that we disturb our neighbors below.  Or measuring profit and loss when building a Lego tower, so we make good cost-benefit trade offs and use resources wisely as leaders.

It also means making commitments and keeping them for our own learning. 

Writers’ Workshop

We launched writers’ workshop this week with the Eagles’ writing workbooks! These will help the Eagles excel in their spelling and grammar to become future writers!

Silent Core Skills

The prefrontal cortex is responsible for focusing and attention, prioritizing and other executive functions.  The cool thing about this part of the brain for the Eagles, is that at this age, it is still developing, and absorbing and growing, and with great habits and practices, it is growing to be powerful.

This is why during the Silent Core Skills = SOLO silent core skills.  

This is a time to learn to focus and do work to get into FLOW.  

The Eagles choose what to do; no disruptions by others.

This means no collaboration, no badge signs offs, no emails.