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Roses are red, Violets are blue…

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Introduction to poetry! Each session, we will have a Writers’ Workshop. In Writers’ Workshop, the Eagles partake in a genre—in this session that genre is poetry—and take their writing through a five-part process: prewriting (brainstorming), drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. If they complete excellent work, fulfill all the requirements, and document everything well, they’ll get

“We need to work together!”

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Our 2nd Year, Session 1, Week 2   Lip Dub Filming This is when the filming process begins. The best practices include: Plan hand-offs of the camera where it’s not obvious, so that everyone is in the Lip Dub. Practice the run-through a couple of times before using a camera. Have someone in each section

Innovative Learner-Driven Private School’s 2nd Year in Ascension Parish!

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Every child has a gift that can change the world; Active Leadership Academy: An Acton Academy develops those gifts in 1st-6th grade students. Active Leadership Academy: An Acton Academy is starting it's 2nd year in Gonzales LA. Active is a learner-driven private school where 75% of our curriculum is hands-on and students are in charge of their learning.