Learning from mistakes

This week, we revisited the launch of making mistakes and how it affects us. Throughout the year, the Eagles have all made mistakes and we want them to embrace it! Failures are the stepping stones to success. It is from those mistakes which makes us a better person and strive hard to our dream destination. Our mistakes teach us what went wrong and how to correct it. Experience is a way of telling how strong you have become. We need to learn from the mistakes that we make. Knowledge is wisdom.

Build Day!

Our Celebrations of Learning (Exhibitions) are planned by the Eagles, but it is a community event. It’s not about 1 or 2 heroes, but the community. The Eagles had Build Days where they work with schedule revolved around the exhibition. Build Days have helped the community work on their teamwork and improve their leadership skills. The Eagles stepped up to take some big roles that are out of their comfort zone and into their challenge zone. They had their ups and downs this week, but that’s what this is all about!

Community Garden Exhibition!

On Exhibition Day, the Eagles were ready to show their parents what they learned this session! The learners shared their individual quest work like plant mazes, plant cell models, etc. They shared posters of different topics they learned! Little Eagles and older Eagles shared their stories and letters they have been working on for Writers’ Workshop. After, they had an Eagle panel where they had the parents ask questions and receive feedback! It was a great exhibition to end the year!

Foam Party!

After all the hard work the Eagles put into the exhibition, we ended the year with a foam party!