Eagle Led Launches

Since the beginning of the school year, we have done launches. The Eagles have seen many world class examples of how it should be executed. A launch is  a short inspiration, challenge or introduction to tools or processes.

Community of Editors

The Eagles are coming close to finishing their books, so they have started the community of editors. The Eagles took a vote and decided who would take over the roles of the:

Capitalization Editor

Inner Punctuation Editor

Outer Punctuation Editor

Spelling and Grammar Editor

Word Choice Editor

Exhibition Prep

For this quest, the Exhibition will include a one-on-one tour of the garden where each parent is led around by his or her child. Each Eagle will be equipped to explain the process of building the garden, how they decided what to plant and where to plant it, and an explanation about how they have planned to maintain the garden going forward. 


“I finished Lexia!”

One of our Eagles finished Lexia this week and she was so excited to tell the other Eagles about it! We celebrated and she inspired other Eagles to work hard on reading!


This week for MakerSpace the Eagles had a STEM project with straw airplanes! The learners were given questions to make a guess as to what they think will happen.

  1. What happens if the straw is longer or shorter?
  2. What happens if you use a stick instead of a straw?
  3. What happens if you make the circles the same size?
  4. Can the plane fly in both directions (large circle at front OR back?)
  5. What if you shape the circles into a triangle of square?
  6. What if you use different materials?

After they had a educated guess as to what will happen, they went on to experiment.

Some Eagles even drew up a model before making their straw airplane!