Let’s Reflect!

In the beginning of this quest, the Eagles have conducted various plant-science experiments. Since then, they have raised butterflies, built a garden, and planted seeds. They had time to think about what interests them when it comes to gardening and plant science as a whole. 

The Eagles spend the day reflecting on what they learned during this quest from character traits they developed to new and interesting facts that ignited curiosity. Self-reflection is what’s called an “executive function skill,” which means a mental skill that helps them manage yourself and allows them to process their actions.

Motivation: P.E.

In order to inspire intrinsic motivation and help Eagles form a personal desire to WANT to lead active and healthy lives, they need to be involved in their P.E. session. When Eagles have a voice, they are empowered. Empowerment leads to motivation.

MakerSpace: Geometric Bubble STEM

Can bubbles change shape?

This week we explored surface tension while blowing bubbles! Eagles were able to make their own bubble solution as well! This special geometric bubble activity combines a bit of math, engineering, and science as well. They got to build their own geometric bubble wands and explore geometric bubble shapes. When we went outside to test to see if our wands work, the Eagles soon realize that… bubbles will come out round no matter what shape the wand is. The Eagles started to question and wonder why their wand didn’t work!

So we asked the Eagles,

“Did you find that your bubbles always ended up being blown into a sphere shape? Why is that?”

After researching, they learned that it’s all due to surface tension.

A bubble is formed when air gets trapped inside the bubble solution. The air tries to push its way out of the bubble, but the liquid in the bubble solution wants to have the least amount of surface area, due to the clinging properties of liquid molecules.

A sphere is the least amount of surface area for the volume of what is contained inside the sphere (in this case, air). So bubbles will always form circles no matter the shape of the bubble wand.

Badge Opportunities

Recently, the Eagles have been stepping up their game for their badges.

Problem Solver Foundation Badge

One of the challenges for this badge is to:

-Facilitate the first of 2 conflict resolutions

Socratic Discussion Leader Badge 

-Lead the first of 3 Socratic Discussions

Project Learner Foundation Badge

-Help plan an exhibition of learning

Thank you letters!

The Eagles have been busy finishing up their Writers’ Workshop this session, but they took some time to write and mail thank you letters to Ascension’s Parish Crime Scene Unit!