Our 1st Year, Session 7, Week 2


What’s in a Seed?

In order for the incredible process of seed transformation to take place, a seed needs just the right environment, support, and maintenance to grow. What about you? What is most important for you to grow: 

  • Environment, meaning the right space?
  • Support, meaning the right companions?
  • Or maintenance, meaning the the right upkeep, or completing a set of important habits everyday?

The Eagles are starting their project of the plant light maze to discover phototropism!  Learners will create a maze for a climbing plant, like the Lima bean. The goal of this experiment is to:

• Explain that plants move toward the light, and why
• Explain how they can prove plants move toward the light
• Record the day-to-day results of an experiment


The Eagles have successfully completed their cell models as well!

Silent Core Skills

The Eagles are in charge of their own goals and how they want to achieve them! Learners have the choice to work on core skills on their computers with programs like: Lexia, Khan Academy, Dreambox, etc. They also have the choice to work on hands-on materials like: Montessori tools, workbooks, flash cards, books, etc.


Springing into new books!

This week, the Eagles challenged themselves to start a new book unless they are currently reading one! This has helped our studio become more motivated to read and work on their Badge Book!

Plot Mountain!

The Eagles learned that almost every fictional story they have read or watched in a film follows a plot structure that is often put into a diagram (or, map) called Freytag’s Pyramid. We started with a introduction to this pyramid and to plot structure in general. After they learned about the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution, the Eagles were able to work on their story maps. 


The Little Eagles are learning about sight words through flash cards to improve their reading and writing! We start with focusing on 2-3 words a week and then we have them write sentences with the sight words. Other Eagles are working on their writing books to complete their badge!

Martial Arts Obstacle Course!

In Martial Arts this week, the Eagles warmed up with an exciting obstacle course! They also put on some boxing gloves to practice the skills they learned from Mr. Molley! Eagles partnered up to help each other practice and gave each other feedback.