Our 1st Year, Session 6, Week 6


Who let the chickens out?

The Eagles have been waiting patiently for the chickens to arrive. They have been prepping by reading books about chickens, watching videos, and setting up the coop! With this new opportunity of having chickens, the Eagles will learn about:

  • The Chicken Life Cycle
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills
  • Responsibility 
  • Knowing where our food comes from
  • Patience/Empathy
  • And much more!

Community of Editors

To help make sure the Eagles instructions are clear, they’ll work in teams to help each other edit. This is called a Community of Editors. Each person uses his or her strengths to help the group:

  • One person will be in charge of outer punctuation (such as periods and question marks)
  • One person, inner punctuation (such as commas and quotation marks)
  • One person, capitalization
  • One person, spelling and grammar.

Letters to the Easter Bunny

Little Eagles have been drafting their letters to the Easter Bunny before the older eagles peer review them and give them feedback and suggestions!

Sew what?

This week in MakerSpace the Eagles are learning about sewing and how to create projects with different textures and fabric. We thought the learners would jump straight into using the sewing machine, but to our surprise they decided to hand sew first to learn the basics!

Other Eagles worked on what they are passionate about which in this case it was coding and robotics! The learner said he wanted to challenge himself by taking apart a device and put it back together to see if he could make it work! We’re all about challenges!

I believe in myself!

Martial Arts started out with the Fit Test to get the Eagles to push and challenge themselves! We talked about having a “Yes I Can, Yes You Can, Yes We Can” attitude and the different levels of belief:

Level 1: Belief in Yourself

Level 2: Belief in Society

Level 3: Belief in the World

“This is going to be the best exhibition ever!”

The Eagles starting sending out invitations to the parents this week! They partnered up to help each with the process of sending an email.

Setting up the crime scene is a lot harder than the Eagles had imagine! Through trial and error, the learners soon realized that every detail is important.