Our 1st Year, Session 6, Week 4

Signing Ceremony!

Last Friday, the Eagles organized a ceremony at the end of the day for Anthony to sign the contract. The Eagles thought the best way to see if he was ready to sign was to have him recite the rules and  give examples for each one! All of the Eagles helped encourage and motivate Anthony to start his Hero’s Journey!


Busy Week for the Detectives in Training

For Quest, the Eagles learned about how our fingers are home to a unique collection of bacteria that get left on surfaces we touch. By comparing bugs found on a person’s hand to those recovered at a crime scene, you might be able identify the perpetrator. The learners used petri dishes and agar to see what was living on their hands and laptops:

Bite marks, like fingerprints or footprints, can be matched to their owners to place a suspect at the scene of a crime. The Eagles learned about dental identification and how teeth evolved:

The detective training is almost complete. The Eagles have learned about fingerprints, hair, teeth, foot size, and height. To complete the detective training, they’re going to to learn more about what is at the root of it all: DNA.


These instructions make no sense!

The focus trait of this Writers’ Workshop is: organization!

The sub-skills for organization are: 

  • Author’s introduction “hooks” the reader in an interesting way. 
  • Author’s ideas are presented in a logical sequence. 
  • The transitions show where the idea or story moves forward. 
  • The organization of the whole piece feels natural, not forced. 
  • The conclusion leaves the reader satisfied.

The challenge this week for Eagles:

Test your instructions, try someone else’s instructions, and provide feedback for each other.

The fun thing about is that not only do you get to see how your instructions work, but you get to test other instructions so you get to use software, build, and make things!

Why is PE important?

Physical Education is vital for the development of any young person. The physical, mental and social attributes that can be accessed are not available in this abundance in any other subject.

Participation in physical activity is a life skill that will lead to improvement in social skills, body awareness, teamwork and overall health and well being.

We are the Makers!

The Eagles are LOVING this time of the day, where they get the opportunity to explore their own interests! They were able to construct their own model of a roller coaster, night light, and robot hands. One of the major goals of a maker space is to provide learners with the tools and environment to collaborate.


Back at it with Martial Arts!

The Eagles practiced belief and what it means to have a “Yes I Can” attitude! They were so excited to be back with Mr. Molley in Martial Arts!

Preparing for the Gardening Quest

The Eagles got their paint clothes on and starting working on their wooden planter box! The Gardening Quest will help the Eagles work together where they will explore and experiment growth in both gardening and themselves!