Our 1st Year, Session 6, Week 3


Who is Sherlock Holmes?

This week we dove deep into the art of deduction for our Detective Quest. The Eagles were shown a world class example of a detective, “Sherlock Holmes.” The Eagles were intrigued by his sharp
mind and felt motivated to solve the crime! Through a lot of trail and error, the Eagles finally caught Debbie Peabody! She was charged with theft, and justice will be served. However, a detective’s
work is never ending! The next simulation was someone’s cat has been stolen and this led the Eagles to hair analysis. It has been thought that hair can tell us a lot about the scene of a crime,
including the people and animals present. It can tell us animal species, breeds, and whether or not a culprit dyes his or her hair. We had the Eagles imagine the studio was a microbe jungle and each
person was responsible for maintaining a certain element of the studio, just like the microbes use their strengths to benefit the community.

MakerSpace: Challenges

Makerspace is more than a space itself, it is a mindset that can and should be taught. We have a culture of children who have learned to consume technology. With a makerspace, we can move beyond consumption to creation! This week we challenged the Eagles to build a catapult or launcher!


The Eagles are setting SMART goals for P.E. Every morning the Eagles get to share their goals and they get feedback from each other about whether or not their goals fit the SMART model.






Technical Writing: Writers’ Workshop

This week in Writers’ Workshop the Eagles began the drafting process for their instructions. This time the learners get to research, write, and put themselves in the shoes of the audience.

While the Eagles are drafting, they ask themselves:

  • “What seems confusing?” 
  • “How can I make this point clearer?” 
  • “Is there anything in my instructions that would frustrate me as the user?” 

Town Hall Meeting

Every Friday a Town Meeting is led by the Eagles and this week they talked about adding new rules to better the Studio Contract.