Welcoming a New Eagle!

Our 1st Year, Session 5, Week 6


Welcoming a New Eagle to Active Leadership Academy!

Every tribe, company, sports team, or elite military unit – every culture – has a unique way of doing things and a specific set of behaviors and values they operate from.

This week the Eagles welcomed Anthony to their school. To get to this point, his family has already passed a phone interview, an in person interview, and a trial day with the Eagles.

The Eagles vote and decide wether or not a new potential Eagle has what it takes to be a good fit for their school – and voted YES unanimously!

It’s an empowering but a big responsibility to create and maintain your own culture – and to bring someone new into that culture.

Selection is a big part yes, but once they are accepted: in the business world we call the next step “onboarding”.

We opened up morning circle by watching a short video on best practices for onboarding a new employee.

They saw an example of a formula/process the best companies use, and saw actual examples and checklists of the onboarding systems that Mr. Molley uses in his various businesses with new customers and employees.

They then had a discussion about what their onboarding process should look like – then they created it.

They started off with the Studio Contract and telling Anthony about the promises they made to themselves, each other, and the school- and what happens when you break a promise.

Would you learn lessons like this in a traditional school?

Would you be empowered to make choices that mattered or would you told what to do?

Would you be given tools and processes that you could actually use in the real world or would most of what you learn be a waste of time?

Would you be told how to think or would you be told what to think?


Survivor Quest!

The Eagles are on their final week with their survivor quest. They are looking forward to showing their parents their fire-starting skills, knot-tying skills, their ability to set up a tent, knowledge of edible plants, and the ability to navigate with a compass! The survivor quest has helped the Eagles have a deeper curiosity about nature, confidence in their outdoor survival skills, and better understanding of their own limits.

Writers Workshop

Our Eagles are on the publishing step of their stories! They have been working on illustrations and bringing their stories to life!

The little Eagles are working on their Writers’ Workshop books to earn their badges!


Our daily PE launches have been focused on the importance of balanced, active and healthy lifestyle and the life-long benefits. The Eagles have been setting challenging goals in order to grow stronger and increase endurance.

Hard Work Pays Off!

One of our Eagles has been working hard all these months to finally purchase a ride in the Lunch Limo! He saved up $20 Eagle Bucks through hard work and earned his choice of a ride anywhere for lunch: Raising Cane’s!

3 B’s Before G:

The Eagles have been more independent throughout the months and using their resources and asking other Eagles when needed.

Before you ask a guide:

Have you used your brain, books, or a buddy?

Brain – Use your brain

Be Brave – Give it a try!

Be Still – Stop and think about it

Backtrack – Look at the instructions, objective, and criteria again

Books – Use resources available

Where else can you find the answer?

A book? Web Search? Youtube?

Buddy – Ask a buddy!

Sign up for help on the collaboration board!


Art Lesson and Mardi Gras Celebrations!

We celebrated Mardi Gras before our break with some king cake! Two of our Eagles even got the babies!

Mrs. Renee Molley, an amazing artist, taught the Eagles to make their own work of art with melted crayons!

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