Counting down the days till the camping trip!

Our 1st Year, Session 5, Week 5

Counting down the days till the camping trip!

This week Eagles have began the process of planning their camping trip! On this quest the Eagles have explored basic needs of human survival, including their own identity, and pushing themselves to the edge of their challenge zone. What can you do to retain that information? Reflect! Reflection is a powerful tool in growing your brain by processing the information you gather. The Eagles are having discussions about their greatest takeaway from the survivor quest that will influence their Hero’s Journey!

Exploring different ways to make fire

The Eagles have successfully make fire with flint and steel, but now they are challenging themselves to make fire with a magnifying glass!

PE: Challenging goals

We have been working on challenging and realistic goals this week for PE! The Eagles have found a new way to exercise with different equipment-like hula hoops!

Writers’ Workshop

This week the older Eagles have been working on editing and revising their papers!  The Eagles are starting to peer review each others papers to make sure it’s their best work for the Exhibition!

The little Eagles are challenging themselves during Writers’ Workshop by writing stories using different writing prompts!

Looking in the Mirror

Eagles’ socratic discussions this week focused on:

  • Sarcasm
  • Passive Aggressive behavior

The first challenge is awareness.  Before deliberate action, you must be aware of how your past and unexpressed emotions show themselves in unexpected ways.

The focus for the Look in the Mirror experience is Snarkiness: “the use of irony to mock or convey contempt, typically with a cynical outlook” and, Passive-Aggressive behavior: “expressing aggression in a non-assertive way” – in other words, encouraging behavior like snarkiness by not reacting bravely to it.

 Each morning, stare at yourself in the mirror for sixty seconds. Think about your promise to break the habit of being snarky or allowing others to be snarky to you. Ask yourself, Will I break the habit of tolerating snarkiness today?

Each Eagle received a rubber band to put around their wrist.

The instructions were:

Remember to touch your wristband every time you dole out or receive a mean remark, as a reminder of your promise to yourself.  At the end of each day, take a few minutes to replay your most important encounter during the day and role-play on film or in front of a mirror. Watch yourself try to improve the skill.

These are the kinds of conversations the Eagles have in order to be the best version of themselves! 





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