We’ve had so many serious injuries this week…

Our 1st Year, Session 5, Week 4

We’ve had so many serious injuries this week…

This week Eagles have:

Broken arms
Broken legs
Gone Blind
Been attacked by bears
Caught in lightning storms
Had to be rescued by a search and rescue team

We have been training in first-aid and thankfully these injuries are only simulated as part of our survival quest!

They have overcome many challenges as a group using a compass to navigate through a challenging (and disastrous) course 🙂

Guest Presenter: A local plant expert!

The Eagles REALLY enjoyed learning about plant identification, edible and medicinal uses, etc…

She was generous enough to spend over 2 hours with the Eagles this week sharing her extensive and fascinating wisdom of pursuing her calling!

A special thanks to Nicole Lundberg from the LSU Agriculture Center & the Sea Grant of Louisiana!

Setting Goals

We resisted the power of setting and achieving goals this week, and in PE the Eagles have been setting person fitness goals!

Finding Flow

Flow, also known as getting in the zone, is when a person performing an activity is feeling fully focused, involved, and enjoyment in the process of the activity.

Socratic discussions focused this week on:

When have you felt the most in flow?

Is there a particular activity in which you easily get into flow: playing inside or outside? Working on math or on reading? Playing sports or creating something?

What will you do to get into flow today? 



How many people have experienced grit: that feeling of going and going and having your sites set on the future?  That feeling of working so hard? 

Eagles’ socratic discussions this week focused on:

Do you maintain your grit more by: 

  • Keeping a positive attitude;
  • Looking up to a hero;
  • Having support from Fellow Travelers?

In what part of the day do you have the most grit and why: 

  • PE;
  • Art ;
  • Core Skills;
  • Quest/Project Time;
  • Free Time?

Are you on track to reach your goals?

Are you on track to level up to where you want to be by the end of the year?

What will you do today so that you end the year where you want to be, so that you can stay focused on your long term goal and growth?

These are the kinds of conversations that the highly productive and creative people have – and the Eagles have them every day!




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