The Results are in…

Our 1st Year, Session 5, Week 2

How far have our Eagles come in just 6 months?

At the halfway point of this year, our Eagles have done a lot of self reflection and group reflection on their journey as a learning community.

“Life changing” would be an understatement; it literally brings tears to our eyes.

This week we celebrated:

  • Eagles who were left several grade levels behind in the traditional schools that are now beaming with self esteem and the confidence of not only catching up; but going well beyond their “grade level” – in 6 months time.
  • Eagles who “hated school” that are now finding true joy in learning again.
  • Eagles who “hated reading” that are now begging to bring home challenging “classics” well ahead of their reading level.
  • Eagles who were completely dependent on others to tell them what to do are now finding independence and taking control of their own education and future.
  • Eagles who were so afraid they shed tears when it came time to speak, share, and express their ideas are now leading discussions and giving speeches in public.
  • Eagles who struggled to take responsibility for their actions are now admitting their mistakes gracefully because they know it will help them grow (Growth Mindset).
  • Eagles who struggled to work with others are now collaborating, opening up to communicate and solving complex group social problems.
  • Eagles who struggled to focus are now choosing to avoid distractions and getting into “flow”; without any adult authority ever policing or nagging them about it.
  • Eagles who used to give up easily are now choosing to persevere because they learned to embrace the value of struggle.
  • Eagles who were used to “good enough” work that are now refusing to submit anything less than their absolute best quality “excellent” work.
  • Eagles who struggled to fit in and find their place socially in their old traditional environment are now making lifelong friends and feeling accepted in a community of growth minded peers.
  • Eagles who are now thinking critically, questioning everything through Socratic discussions, and discovering the value of being open to and learning from other’s points of view and ideas.

All without teachers answering questions.
All without lectures.
All without homework.
All without grades
All without tests.

…In only 6 months.

We believe there is a much better way than traditional school….

Eagles enjoying reading during DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)

Eagles learning about the Water Cycle and Water Purification! (Survival Quest)

Ladies and Gentleman, they have finally made FIRE! (Celebrating with Smores)

Writers Workshop!

Building Shelters & Tying Knots!

Obstacle Course PE!

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