Parent Exhibition Week!

Our 1st Year, Session 4, Week 4

What an exciting week for the Eagles!

With a fun field trip and exhibition of their work at the end of the week – the Eagles had a lot to look forward to before going on holiday break!

Little Eagles putting the final touches on their letters to Santa that will be mailed and read aloud at exhibition to practice public speaking!

Eagles watching a video during writers workshop to learn the different ways mail is sent and researching the best ways to reach out to their heroes.



The little Eagles were hard at work writing their creative stories to be read aloud at the exhibition.

Soccer and dribbling drills at different stations this week in PE!

Introducing 360 Feedback Surveys

The Eagles gave and received feedback to each other through an anonymous survey for the first time this year, and will do so every session moving forward.

Peer feedback measures contribution to the Studio.
Feedback measures how well an Eagle is keeping his or her promises to Studiomates.

Warm-hearted / tough-minded
attributes guide feedback. Using these traits, feedback measures how encouraging an Eagle is to others and how well they hold themselves and others accountable.

Giving feedback is as important as receiving it.

Giving feedbackReceiving feedback
Know othersKnow yourself
Practice giving growth-mindset feedback to become a transformative coach, manager, or leader.Work with integrity by understanding how others view your contributions, strengths, and weaknesses.


Making an Electromagnet

As part of the Electricity quest, the Eagles often work together as a team to complete different challenges.

Defy Field Trip (Trampoline Park)

Last session Eagles gave persuasive speeches and voted on a field trip for this session and were finally treated to it!

Parent Exhibition Day!

On Friday parents attended an Eagle led exhibition that displayed what they learned and their best work this session!

Eagles led speeches, gave oral presentations of book reviews, and demonstrated their knowledge of electricity.

This knowledge was put to the test in a timed team competition to complete several electrical challenges under pressure!

Eagles had under 2 minutes to light a light bulb, complete a circuit with a switch to buzz a buzzer, and wire up a fan to a motor to “blow their parents away!”