Black Belt Lifeskills

Our 1st Year, Session 4, Week 2

Black Belt Life Skills

This week our Eagles were treated to a motivational presentation from 2 young candidates testing for certified blackbelt in our martial arts program!

They shared life lessons, and discussed the principles of discipline, self esteem, and more (with plenty of Q & A)!

Seeing other children practicing and delivering world class public speaking presentations is a key part of our peer-to-peer learning program.

We’d like to extend a special thank you to Jordan and Jared Rayborn and the Rayborn family!

Social & Emotional Skills

It makes little or no difference how well you do in academics if you cannot get along with others, have empathy, communicate, and solve relationship problems.

Teaching and modeling a growth mindset, conflict resolution, and relationship management skills is where our guides spend most of their time.

The improvement and results are visible each and every week – and easily the most rewarding part of our job.

This week Eagles learned and practiced overcoming fears, getting along with others, persistence, and the power of friendship!

The Eagles make a battery

Eagles have been learning – through a lot of trial and error – how to store electricity in a battery.

What materials can store and transfer energy?

They have created their own batteries out of copper, zinc, salt water, and cloth!

After daily quest time is over, Eagles present their findings and discoveries – teaching each other and solidifying their grasp on electrical concepts by teaching it themselves.

Feeling the Christmas Spirit

Our Eagles were feeling the Christmas spirit during art!

The fireplace and Christmas music really helped set the mood.

Setting and Achieving Goals

Some of the Eagles goals for the week included earning their reading, math, and spelling badges.

Earning a badge means mastery of a skill or subject.

After core skills each day, they partner up to help each other calculate their total points.

Points represent effort and hard work!

Letters to a Hero

Still working on their handwritten letter to a hero in writers workshop, Eagles are practicing by mailing a letter to a friend.

They have been studying responses from authors and celebrities to fan mail to perfect their hero letter.

Eagles began working on their rough draft of the letter they will be writing to a hero in the hopes of getting a response!

Careful thought was put into who their hero was, why they chose them, what questions they have, and researching what appeal would best motivate them to respond!

Letters to Santa

Little Eagles have been drafting their letters to Santa before older eagles peer review them and give them feedback and suggestions!

Physical Education!

For PE we always stretch in the morning and wake our bodies up!

Town Meeting

Each Friday our Eagles lead a town meeting and this week they discussed safety hazards such as leaning back in your chair.

The solutions were to help others by reminding them to stay safe.

New rules are often discussed, voted on, and implemented or removed as they see fit.

Of course, guides have safety guardrails in place and always step in if anything is unsafe 🙂

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Eagles make decisions as to what they would like to do on Friday during game time, and this Friday they chose to celebrate Sophia’s 11th birthday and have a cupcake party!

Pursuing Passions

In morning circle, ES/MS discussed gratitude and ways you can show you are appreciative. Eagles came up with the idea...

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