Parent Exhibition Week!

Our 1st Year, Session 4, Week 4 What an exciting week for the Eagles! With a fun field trip and exhibition of their work at the end of the week – the Eagles had a lot to look forward to before going on holiday break! Little Eagles putting the final touches on their letters to […]

Into the woods

Our 1st Year, Session 4, Week 3 Into the woods We decided to take a walk in the field behind Active to explore and before more aware of our surroundings. Some of the Eagle’s interesting discoveries: Different color plants and elevations indicated the presence of water – and wet feet! The presence of other travelers […]

Black Belt Lifeskills

Our 1st Year, Session 4, Week 2 Black Belt Life Skills This week our Eagles were treated to a motivational presentation from 2 young candidates testing for certified blackbelt in our martial arts program! They shared life lessons, and discussed the principles of discipline, self esteem, and more (with plenty of Q & A)! Seeing […]