Mind Full or Mindful?

Our 1st Year, Session 3, Week 3

Mind full or Mindful?

What do you think is the greatest early indicator of how successful a person will be?

The amount of time they put in?
Family support, race, life circumstances?
General positive/negative attitude?
A specific quality?

Some studies at Harvard say that the single greatest indicator for success is Self-Control.

Mindfulness, the practice of taking time to pause and bring attention to the present, is proven to be a key factor in an individual’s success, but is the least taught or practiced.

As guides we spend our time and energy equipping Eagles with tools, motivating and encouraging and almost ZERO time on academic instruction because they have access to the best teachers in the world available online and through guest instructors.

The Eagles have been learning many different practice to remain mindful such as meditation, breathing techniques, and ways to control their emotional state!

1. Change your physical state:
Smile, stretch, take a short walk, eat, drink, exercise, etc..
(They have the freedom to do these things while working at our school)

2.Change your focus or belief:
-Meditate to clear your mind
-Ask “What do I need to believe in order to be able to do this?”
-Focus on the good parts, or the reward

3. Change your language! Ask yourself the right questions!
-What can I learn from this?
-What is great about this?AND what ELSE is great about it? What else? (stacking)
-OK, what’s not perfect yet?
-What am I willing to do to make it the way I want it?
-What am I not willing to do to make this work?
-How can I enjoy the process?

The Eagles are constantly learning processes to handle life’s challenges!


Sculpting the Gods

Older Eagles sculpted greek gods this week and are currently working on wax tablets and learning greek letters!

A discussion was held and the Eagles were surprised to learn that modern day Greece (despite being the birthplace of western civilization and strong tourist attractions) struggles with debt and unemployment as a country.

The Eagles debated whether Greece should remain in the European Union, and the discussed the reoccurring question of “why do certain civilizations rise and fall?”

Little Eagles have been making salt dough maps of Greece together and learning about Geography!

Would you rather be kind or right?

This was the topic of our morning socratic discussion and the Eagles had plenty to say!

Kindness is a skill and it takes practice!

Eagles role-played and practiced giving feedback with the following guidelines:

Be Kind
Be Specific
Be Helpful

Slay the Dragon!

Eagle’s have been discussing their “dragon”, which is their most challenging goal or task on their daily list and the one they tend to avoid or put off!

They have learned about the power of “slaying the dragon” first!

Every day Eagles spend 2-3 hours on reading, writing, and math in what we call “silent core skills” time and Eagles set their own goals.

Eagle meet 3x per week to discuss their goals, progress, and to hold each other accountable!

Martial Arts Teamwork!

Several Eagle’s earned stripes this week for being “first time listeners” at home!

Lot’s of physical challenges that involved partners and teamwork this week!

Eagle’s lead portions of the class themselves at times to practice communicating confidently!

Pursuing Passions

In morning circle, ES/MS discussed gratitude and ways you can show you are appreciative. Eagles came up with the idea...

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