How would the best school ____?

Our 1st Year, Session 2, Week 5

How would the best school in the world ______?

To BE THE BEST, you must first define exactly what that requires.

Eagles held discussions and wrote their answers on the white board:

How would we listen to each other at the best school in the world?

  • What would¬†listening LOOK and SOUND like?

Sitting with back straight, still hands, eye contact, asking clarifying questions, paraphrasing other’s ideas….

How would the best school in the world speak to each other? To guides and adults?

  • What would it FEEL, LOOK, and SOUND like?

Smile, eye contact, greeting in the morning, ¬†encouraging, kind, etc…

What does hard work LOOK, FEEL, and SOUND like?

Focused and ignoring distractions, in flow, proud, etc…

Discipline was practiced in Martial Arts class this week!

The Eagles lead each other through different leadership drills in class

Writer’s Workshop coming to a close!

Eagles have been learning how to peer review each other’s work during the editing and revision process.

Many are prepared to publically publish of their Memoirs and are bursting with pride from creating their best work!

Some Eagles struggled to use their time wisely and will face the natural consequences of missing a deadline.

Would you rather your child learn the painful natural consequences of slacking off at age 9, or at age 29?


Hard work this week and lots of peer collaboration!

Group socratic discussions, group math, and group writing this week!


Ice Cream Party!

Our Eagles earning an Ice Cream Party for living up to their own high standards in circle discussion!

Pursuing Passions

In morning circle, ES/MS discussed gratitude and ways you can show you are appreciative. Eagles came up with the idea...

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