Just solve the problem!

Our 1st Year, Session 2, Week 3

Can I get a little Respect?

Eagles held a town meeting this week to address issues they had with certain Eagles not speaking with kindness.

Tone and volume of voice was discussed and simple solutions were proposed.

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it,” was brought up.

One of the youngest Eagles spoke and reminded everyone that they had created a studio contract of promises that they all agreed to follow.

Focus and Concentration

Martial Arts has been known to teach focus, among many other benefits, and Eagles enjoyed playing games designed to test their concentration skills!

The 3 Rules of Concentration:

  • Focus my eyes
  • Focus my mind
  • Focus my body

Sales Pitches

This week they have been watching shark tank as inspiration, and writing their sales pitches.

They received peer (as well as adult) feedback and critique on their word choice, speaking ability, preparation, and overall presentation.

They have been practicing diligently!

Exhibition Prep

Eagles have been preparing their booths for the upcoming exhibition next week!

Multiple surveys have been done to hear public opinions about their pricing, presentation, and products.

They are both excited and nervous to take their products to the market!

Sweet Rewards

Trouble with Studio Maintenance was an issue last week and they were offered a fun challenge:

Solve all the internal issues that are preventing your teams from completing studio maintenance on time, and you will enjoy a video game party at the end of the week!

It seemed the key was the Eagles learning the lesson “inspect what you expect”.

Checklists were not being completed, and oversight by team leaders was not happening as it should.

By the skin of their teeth, they accomplished their goal and had an extra 45 minutes of video game time at the end of the day!

Pursuing Passions

In morning circle, ES/MS discussed gratitude and ways you can show you are appreciative. Eagles came up with the idea...

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