Freedom and Life or Death Decisions

Our 1st Year, Session 2, Week 1

Eagles were introduced to a new elements: Civilization, Writer’s Workshop, and the Entrepreneur Quest.

In civilization this session Eagles are discussing and exploring Ancient times.

Here they are learning about the Egyptians and the invention of writing.

Writer’s Workshop is a deep dive into different genres and the process of producing excellent written work. This session the focus will be on writing a memoir – their own life story!

Eagle’s are creating their own businesses for the upcoming children’s business expo.

This event will be held in conjunction with our Active Martial Arts belt graduation and there will be 150+ people in attendance.

Their ships dock at different “islands” where they learn about different aspects of Entrepreneurship.

Eagle’s have been hard at work studying economics and what it takes to be successful entrepreneur.

  • Pricing strategies
  • Break even points
  • Profit and loss
  • Determining costs of goods sold
  • Risk mitigation
  • Monitoring variable and fixed expenses
  • Boot strap financing
  • Booth and logo design
  • The importance of logos, and more!

    Our little Eagles will be running their own candy store and have been learning:

  • Counting money
  • Giving change
  • Customer Service
  • Showing gratitude
  • Value
  • Revenue VS profit
  • Managing inventory and more

New freedom levels for some Eagles!

Some Eagles earned new freedom levels such as listening to classical music during core skills, working in beanbag chairs, or enjoying an extra snack break.

Freedom without discipline is chaos, and an Eagle’s individual level of freedom will reflect their level of responsibility.

Freedom levels are determined by the average of weekly points earned during the previous session.

Eagle Buck Committee meetings were a powerful lesson this week.

Why did the elected members choose not to hold their daily meeting during free time for several days?

Because they chose to play during their free time instead.

On Friday they faced the natural consequences of their procrastination… A pile of paperwork that took up their entire free time.

Another valuable lesson in ethics was when one of the elected commitee members broke many of the studio promises and had to be held accountable: Resulting in Impeachment.

Hearing their discussions about the standards, ethics, and requirements to remain on committee – and considerations when electing future members – revealed the true extent of their learning this week.

Life or Death Decisions

One of our Eagles found a Gecko, created a habitat for him in the classroom, and dubbed him as the class pet.

They all quickly grew attached and named him Brownie.

By the end of the day, there was a growing concern that he would die in captivity.

Would they act selfishly and hold onto him only to watch him die in captivity or would they let go and allow him his freedom?

It was split down the middle.

After tense and emotionally exhausting discussions, it was put to a final vote and Brownie’s fate was determined.

In a 9 to 1 vote; Brownie earned his freedom and was released outside during a special birthday celebration for one of our Eagles.


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