Hard Work Pays Off!

Our 1st Year, Session 1, Week 4

We had a short week due to Labor Day, but it didn’t stop the Eagles from being incredibly productive!

We started our week off with Martial Arts for PE, and we practiced and discussed the importance of deep breathing. This transitioned into using your breath to control your emotions and to give you the ability to make better choices.

Goals were set for the week in Core Skills and one of their biggest goals (The Final filming the Lip Dub performance video)  was completed earlier than expected due to their hard work! They were rewarded with extra outside free time!

Their studio contracts (promises they have created for the community) and socratic discussion rules (rules to engage in high level group discussions) are in the final stage and almost ready for the signing ceremony at their upcoming exhibition.

Eagle bucks (the currency of hard work) have begun to be used for holding each other accountable for breaking their promises to the community. On Friday some of our Eagles chose to save their newly earned Eagle bucks, and some chose to reward themselves with a bit of extra educational video game time on Friday!

We had a surprise stranger response drill and the Eagles performed well. We also introduced the “3B’s before Me” concept. Before you ask a Guide a question, first consult the 3 B’s:

  1. Your BRAIN
  2. Buddies
  3. Book (google or YouTube)

Some Eagles have taken a liking to painting and creating their own art!

We introduced accountability partners and the younger eagles read to the older eagles to practice their reading skills and receive feedback. They enjoyed this so much that we decided to make it a weekly occurrence. Our Eagles are working together and helping each other in many different and often unexpected ways: for example the Eagles took it upon themselves to water the trees together while they were outside.

On Friday, they started preparing for their speeches at the upcoming exhibition. They used google to learn how to give a world class speech, and began timing themselves, speech writing, rehearsing, and asking each other for feedback. Our little Eagles explored their cooperative building skills!

We are very much looking forward to seeing what they come up with for exhibition next week on Thursday!

-Mr. Molley & Ms. Ly

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