3rd Week of School 2020

Our 1st Year, Session 1, Week 3 (includes 2 days from the previous week due to Hurricane Laura closure)

Hurricane Laura caused us to miss many days of school, but provided a great opportunity to practice tornado safety drills!

We started our week out with the IOWA testing and the Eagles had special treat outside- homemade cookies!

We don’t place much importance on this one test metric. It’s simply a starting point and we’ll take it again at the end of the year as just one of many metrics for our first year.
We’d also like to note that these test results were very much in line with where our various learning software programs assessed and placed the Eagles.
Here’s what standardized tests DON’T measure:
Building and nurturing relationships
Behaving ethically
Managing projects
Managing people
Managing conflict
Planning long term goals
Prioritizing tasks and goals
Solving problems through innovation
Creating and maintaining systems
Analyzing and managing risk
The list goes on…

We had a guest speaker!

Micheal Mason, Ascension Parish Councilman and former President of the Ascension Community Theatre, visited us and offer his feedback and wisdom on the Eagle’s performance project to be shown at our upcoming public exhibition.

Eagles wrote and mailed thank you letters to Mr. Mason!

Eagles learned to resolve their conflicts together with a new conflict resolution system, which is an important skill for maintaining relationships in the studio.

They were issued a building challenge that required teamwork, research, following instructions carefully, and learning to use tools.

Eagles are learning to solve their own problems- for example when a spill happened during free time an Eagle decided to cone off the area and work to clean up the spill.

The Eagles introduced a new points system to reward effort. Eagle bucks were also introduced and they had their first payday on Friday!

Town meeting was a success with Eagles discussing their concerns about safety issues, suggestions, and rules