Freedom and Life or Death Decisions

Our 1st Year, Session 2, Week 1 Eagles were introduced to a new elements: Civilization, Writer’s Workshop, and the Entrepreneur Quest. In civilization this session Eagles are discussing and exploring Ancient times. Here they are learning about the Egyptians and the invention of writing. Writer’s Workshop is a deep dive into different genres and the […]

Exhibition Week!

Our 1st Year, Session 1, Week 5 Many of our Eagles lost sleep this week, experienced a few tears, and a healthy amount of stress. They set high goals and standards for themselves and each other with their upcoming performance! That’s what the Exhibition is all about! Early in the week we tailored our martial […]

Hard Work Pays Off!

Our 1st Year, Session 1, Week 4 We had a short week due to Labor Day, but it didn’t stop the Eagles from being incredibly productive! We started our week off with Martial Arts for PE, and we practiced and discussed the importance of deep breathing. This transitioned into using your breath to control your […]

3rd Week of School 2020

Our 1st Year, Session 1, Week 3 (includes 2 days from the previous week due to Hurricane Laura closure) Hurricane Laura caused us to miss many days of school, but provided a great opportunity to practice tornado safety drills! We started our week out with the IOWA testing and the Eagles had special treat outside- […]